George Michael Symphonica Orchestral Tour, London 2012

For the last several days London City became a happy and welcome host of the world famous artist George Michael, who came here to perform as a part of his Orchestral Tour “Symphonica”. Originally. it was supposed to take place in December 2011, and all the fans were holding their breath in admiration, waiting for … Continue reading

Out of Focus and Other Metamorphosis at Saatchi Gallery

Corona by Mat Collishaw

When it comes to art, London offers unlimited possibilities. However, there is an ageless question. What to call art? Apparently, every person has his/her own definition of this term. For some people it is a classical painting of the 18th century, for others… any high-priced object put behind the glass. I know, that google is … Continue reading

Lorenzo Quinn, Marilyn and Dali in Mayfair

Holding hands

On my way from Chihuly’s art that was presented to your kind attention in one of my recent posts, I stumbled upon another curios exposition. Just across the street from Halcyon Gallery there is… another Halcyon Gallery, which presents rather curious pieces of art. Since the 5th of March and up to the 28th of April there … Continue reading

Glass Gardens by Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery

Halcyon gallery

If you are tired of the traditional art, but still want a sort of cultural adventure in the artistic environment of London, this city still has something to offer. Don’t miss a striking exhibition of Chihuly’s glass sculptures presented at Halcyon Gallery. Extraordinary shapes and amazingly bright colours will literally take your breath away. Enter the door at 144-146 … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. Technique.

Tango in London

“Technique is in your fingers, there’s magic in your touch..” (Rainey “Technique“) Apart from being unordinary, I also happen to be quite stubborn. After trying a few beginners’ classes and not getting further than simple walking-talking, I undertook another attempt to learn tango. I decided that it’s better to pay double and stay for a … Continue reading

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