Cutting off Stress with Greenwich ClipperS

Without false advertising I would like to use this opportunity to point out that this place gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever experienced in my short but eventful life. Chasing the fresh deal on Groupon and yearning for the relief of tension given me by tango lessons I purchased this wonderful voucher, part of which you may observe below.

Massage in GreenwichBooking

After so many massages purchased via Groupon I was already knowledgable enough to know how to book it quick. In fact, all you have to do is to call them immediately after you receive your voucher. In my case it was easy. The voucher was sent to me on Sunday, I called them on Monday morning, and here I go – I am their first Groupon customer.

The telephone conversation was a bit funny, though. To remind you, I called them about 11am on Monday.

Me: I would like to book an appointment.

Lady (in the sweetest tone possible): When would you like to come?

Me: When is the nearest available day?

Long silence

Lady (hesitantly): Give me a minute!

As she switched me off to listen to some music, I kept wondering: Was it such a strange question to ask? Don’t they have to keep their appointment schedule close at all times? After a while a lady returned.

Lady: We can book you in tomorrow at 10am.

Me: Perfect! Thank you very much!

Lady (sounding like a typical voicemail machine): Please keep in mind that we’ve got a 24-hours cancellation policy. So if you need to cancel your appointment, you need to call us 24 hours before that date.

Me (ironically): 24 hours?

Even to my humanitarian brain it was crystal clear that if I am calling at 11am on Monday, and my appointment is at 10am on Tuesday I cannot possibly warn them 24 hours beforehand.

Lady (in a very strict tone): Yes, please! Otherwise you may be charged additional fee.

I hung up. My telephone time was more precious to me than teaching math to the receptionist.

The Massage

If you want to go for a full body massage, this is the best place to go to.  When I say “full body”, I mean it. It includes:

  • Front and back part of legs
  • Belly
  • Back, neck and shoulders
  • Arms and hands
  • Head

During the massage they use some kind of an oil or a balm with an exquisite smell of citrus fruit.

My practitioner was a very young lady, named Rosie.  In spite of her age, she was acting quite professional, and the procedure was a pure pleasure.


The advertising proudly announced that they were offering a facial with DECLÉOR cosmetics. I usually use organic skin care products and don’t give a damn about other brands. Of course, I am familiar with such labels as Clinique or L’oreal. This one  didn’t ring a bell, though. I have no idea what kind of company it is and if their products are good.

I really liked my facial though. It included a deep cleansing session and a mask. I don’t know the purpose of the last, but after the treatment my skin felt great and silky smooth.

Rosie tried to sell me some of the “famous” DECLÉOR items, but I mildly refused.

Both the massage and the facial lasted for the promised time – one hour and a half, and I was very satisfied after.

Greenwich Clipper is located at:

20-21 Nelson Road,


SE10 9JB London,

Tel. 020 8858 6742

Do you know a better place? (:


6 Responses to “Cutting off Stress with Greenwich ClipperS”
  1. Ranori says:

    Decleor очень даже famous :))) Это салонная люксовая косметика, основана на ароматерапии и арома маслах, там очень много натуральных ингридиентов. Я сейчас их кремом с иланг-илангом пользуюсь как раз. У них целая система ухода. И косметика на самом деле очень известная, только в салонах стоит очень дорого. Гораздо натуральнее много другого люкса ( того же Клиник).

    • Конечно же! Пренебрежительно отозваться об известном косметическом брэнде был единственный способ как добиться от тебя комментария на мой пост. 🙂

      Почему на английском не пишешь только?

  2. Ranori says:

    Не знаю, почему) Я от него устала, от английского.

  3. pozycjonowanie says:

    I have to admit which i was interested in the feel of your blog, but it is really quite appealing! Awesome job, continue the good work!

  4. svchost says:

    cool story bro

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