Thriller Live – The Greatest Franchise Ever Sold

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson is no longer a person, it is a brand that will always be selling incredibly well. During his lifetime this singer gained such an enormous popularity that people continue “buying” him even after his death. In fact, it might sound cynical, but the last made his concerts affordable to the overwhelming majority. Not his personal concerts, though. His franchises.

Ubelievable, but Michael Jackson has earned over $1 billion (£670 million) since his death. [Source]

Michael JacksonWhy do people prefer coming to Michael Jackson’s show, even though it is performed by completely different people? Why not to go to the concert of a less famous but talented singer instead? The explanation of this phenomenon is very simple. People rarely like new things. They think they like it, but in most cases it is an old well-forgotten trick.

While I was performing myself and setting choreography for various Show Dance competitions, I have noticed that MJ’s songs were the most popular among the dancers. Rarely any show could do without it. Including his song into a mix was a must, and a backbone of success.

Once my dancing partner and a good friend, who was staging choreography for her students, said that she was sick and tired of this paranoid habit, and, trying to prove that good choreography can get you anywhere, picked an infamous song by a Russian rock group. As a result, her group was left completely unnoticed, and she didn’t repeat this adventurous experiment ever after.

The truth is – MJ’s music will always be in demand.  Look at this music video, for example. There is nothing but a good female dancer and his music on the background. But it blows your mind and hits the target.

This, however, didn’t influence my music taste, and I still keep adoring MJ’s music, and consider him one of the best artists in the world.

Michael JacksonThe Two-edged Sword

As every franchise, Michael Jackson shows need to have some quality requirements. On the one hand, everybody is curious to see it. On the other hand, if the artists fail the expectations of the audience, it will hardly be called successful. Taking in account the unarguable talent of Mr. Jackson, failing the expectations is not very hard thing to do. Just as coffee should taste the same in all the Starbucks, MJ’s songs should produce the same impression, as if His Own Glorious Majesty was on the stage alive.

Thriller Live

I was lucky to visit Thriller Live in the Lyric Theatre more than a month ago, but the impressions are still very vivid in my mind. The show was performed by a team of very skillful, highly professional singers, dancers and artists, who invested their whole soul into the project.

The interesting thing was that every single artist on the stage tried to personify Michael Jackson, wearing his clothes, copying his moves, and style. It was funny and enjoyable at the same time. They were so real, that sometimes it was difficult to believe that all of them were fake.

Thriller LiveThe performance is divided into certain time periods of MJ’s career, starting with his early songs and ending up with the world famous hits, that make the audience burst into sentimental cry. The show lasts for two and a half hours, and still when it ends it is difficult to leave the place. I must admit, I was secretly hoping they were having a couple of more songs up their sleeves.

Generally it was a very pleasant experience. As a result, I’ve got quite mixed feelings. As a huge  sceptic, I would notice that Michael Jackson’s name became a neverending pot of gold for those who know how to use it. As a devoted admirer of his music, I would say, “Let it sell!” (:


p.s: Please, leave your “trace of wisdom” below. (:

3 Responses to “Thriller Live – The Greatest Franchise Ever Sold”
  1. Angelo Nolf Dal Pra says:

    The show is pretty damn good! Excellent post UC,personally I was afraid the show would fell like it was missing the man himself or that the artists would be overshadowed by MJ ghost. neither was true, in fact all the artists managed to get across they take on MJs awesomeness in a very personal way.

  2. Thanks for the post Angelo, I’m glad someone shares my point of view.

    Let’s see what we can tell about The Wicked ‘-_-‘.

  3. tinacotts says:

    Thank you for your post! tinas

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