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Profile: Who is unordinary customer? It is a person that asks questions. It is a shopper that does not follow blindly the advertising. It is a human being that cares what he consumes and how he is treated in one or another situation. Since the moment you start reading this blog, you become one of them. If you are reading this, it means that you do care what you receive for your money. After living in London, one of the largest megapolises in the world, for about a year, it seemed that I've tried pretty much everything. Sometimes it was a pleasant experience, sometimes just "meh".. I must confess I felt into a lot of traps, and stumbled across so many problems, that I stopped keeping track. What is even worse, I am sure more will not hesitate to follow. But there was always one thing that helped me out - my sense of humour. Whatever happened with me I looked at it through a prism of laughter. So, I thought - why not to share my experience with you, and turn my misfortunes into something positive. As some people put it "Turn a lemon into a lemonade." We cannot help making mistakes, but we can always share our experience with each other and be cautios of ones in future. Let's try doing it together. Have a wonderful shopping ahead, UC

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