Flowers – Unreasonable Luxury, or Profitable Investment?

I came from a place where the culture of flowers is developed to its apogee. People are buying flowers on every occasion – birthdays, weddings, parties, anniversaries, proms, graduations, etc. And, in spite of the fact that my home country is not the rich one, and flowers are quite expensive there, people are also presenting flowers without any particular occasion.

How about such a remarkable event like the first date? By all means! An earnest man will rarely come to the first date without flowers, and sometimes also to the second and the third date as well.

In contrast to my motherland, where flowers are sold here and there on every corner, I was surprised to notice very few equivalent trading places here, in London. In fact, recently when I had the need to buy some for my friend’s birthday, I was at a loss. It was really hard to find! When I got more familiar with British habits, I started wondering how these few flower shops actually make the ends meet. Those, who are living in London probably, understand what I mean. If you ask a Londoner, going for a date, if he is intending to buy some flowers for a lady, he will look at you extremely astonished and will respond with an expressive “What for?”

But, is it happening only in London, or in the UK? It seems that the whole pragmatic West lost any remaining of romance. Some people just cannot understand the point of wasting money on something that will fade away and die in a couple of days.

Thus, I will use this opportunity to explain why men in my home country are buying flowers for women, and if you know any more reasons, please do not hesitate to introduce some perfections to my article. Here I will probably tell you what you already know. The truth is very simple.

The Art of Seduction

Don’t tell me you didn’t know that. While every single heterosexual man in the earth adores and envies such prominent figures in masculine history as Don Juan and Casanova, rarely anybody thinks of what makes them so popular among women. This time we won’t go deeply into this saucy topic, but I will simply say that they knew how to please female hearts. And the fact is that women of all nations, ages and generations love flowers. Why? Who cares! The main thing that flowers is a universal gift that will always be appreciated no matter who presents it and in what circumstances.

I have two male friends. One of them is as handsome as hell. He knows about the power of his charms on women, and most of his dates end up in a bed, followed by a brief good-bye. He rarely sees his lovers after and hardly any woman that he slept with remembers about his existence.

Another friend of mine doesn’t possess this wonderful appearance, but he, so to say, “knows the rules”. When the object of his desire was repeatedly declining his invitations for a night out, he called her friend and found out what her favourite flowers were. He then sent a bunch of these flowers to her office, leaving a small card with his name. That was a bit of showing off, I must confess, but it worked. She was so impressed to receive such a generous gift when she less expected it, and honoured till the very bottom, because all her colleagues were asking who this mysterious admirer was. It didn’t cost much in terms of money, but the effect was unbelievable. The whole situation ended up with a happy marriage.

What are the positive qualities that are associated with you when you present flowers?

  • Attention
  • Positive intention
  • Intellect
  • Generosity
  • Romanticism
  • Organisation, and many more..

What are the negatives?


Things to keep in mind

The quantity

The number of flowers you present does matter. Not only because a big bunch of roses will look more impressive than a lonely chamomile, but also because in different cultures there are different notions on how many flowers is acceptable to give. For example, in Russia and many other countries in Eastern Europe even number of flowers is presented only in the case of the funerals. In all the other occasions you are required to give an odd quantity.

The quality

Here the more inventive you are – the better. Of course, you can simply buy red roses, the first you find, but the lack of preparation won’t give you much credit. My advice is – know what you are giving and why. Even if you are buying red roses, be ready to give out an explanation, e.g. “These roses are as beautiful and passionate as you.” (a creamy voice is more than welcome)

The frequency

Buying flowers every day is very nice, but it makes it lose its value. At the same time, if you present it just once, it might create some doubts concerning your intentions. The golden middle would be – not forgetting about any significant occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, and sometimes, not very often, also doing it without any particular reason. This would provide a perfect combination, making you a star in the eyes of every woman.

Now I would like to hear your opinion. Do you still think buying flowers is an unreasonable luxury? (;


3 Responses to “Flowers – Unreasonable Luxury, or Profitable Investment?”
  1. Tilly Bud says:

    We don’t have much money but my husband has always bought flowers for me, from the moment we began dating. He used to send them to my work; or come home with them.

    When we have been really broke, he has made them for me from pipe cleaners, copper wire, even string.

  2. tinacotts says:

    hi! Thank you for your post! tina

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