Adorned, adored or armoured?

This time we are going to talk about the importance of jewellery in a woman’s life. It is a well known phenomenon that a true woman will rarely miss the opportunity to decorate herself with all kinds of valuables. But why do they do it and what kind of cells of our grey matter are responsible for it?


Let’s look at the world of fauna. Same as a peacock is opening it’s wonderful feathers to appeal to the opposite species, women are driven by the inborn desire to attract the looks. And what is catching the eyes more than colourful bracelets, necklaces and rings: red, yellow, violet, golden..? Perhaps, glitters on her skin, or earrings that are shining brightly in the rays of the sun, and highlight the shape of her neck?


If a woman would live on a deserted island, would she have the need to decorate herself? Hardly! Because there would be no men to attract. However, if the same woman would be surrounded by other females, she would probably wear some elements of bijouterie to maintain some healthy competition among the representatives of the same sex. In this case jewellery would serve as a sort of armour to make her more dominant and aggressive, and therefore give her prerogative in case a male specie would appear on the horizon.


Why do women like to receive gems from their beloved ones? Well, to begin with, to continue being attractive for their partners. This is the same reason why every day she is putting her uncomfortable high hills, and sexy little skirt with extremely expensive and totally impractical stockings. She wants to attract your looks and shine for you, and may be for other men as well, for you not to forget what is her worth.

Secondly, gold and gems is a very profitable investment. It doesn’t wear out and has no expiry date. In the Muslim countries, the more gold a husband is giving to his wife, the more he loves her. In case of the divorce, she can sell all her gold and live happily. Unconsciously, every woman wants to see that she is worth the investment, and that her man truly cares for her. This is a such a small element that gives a powerful feeling of being protected.

Therefore, through out the centuries jewellery has been a universal gift, and still hasn’t lost its charm. Don’t be afraid of being too classical and traditional in the desire to please your lady. Sometimes, in a passionate urge to be original, we tend to forget that there is a thing which every woman would like to receive be it an important occasion, or just a gift without any particular reason: a velvet box with something shiny inside.

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