Does the Size Matter?

Since my early childhood I was wondering why do some women have long witchy and creepy looking nails, while others cut it short? Some paint it bloody red, and others have black polish. What is it all for?

During my teens I have been ill with an obsession for acrylic nails, attempting to look like Hollywood actresses in all these glamorous melodramas. Growing mature, I’ve gradually realised that I was being silly, and my opinion has started to change. My father, whom I always found the wisest man on earth, always said that it does not matter how long female nails are. The main thing is that they should be clean and accurate. “Believe me, this is the last thing a man looks at,” he told. In addition, all my male friends and former fiancés were always against long nails, shivering at the very sight of it, and admiring my childishly-shaped palms. I thought my father was right. I thought all of them were right. I hoped so. But, even if they were, it wasn’t the ultimate truth.

I was perfectly happy with my nails cut short, until my sweetheart smashed me with a shocking remark, “Why did you cut your nails?” “Excuse me?” I said with disbelief, hoping that I got him wrong. “Why did you cut your nails?” he repeated, “It looks so feminine when they are slightly longer than this.” I have to confess, that was a blow below the belt. The idea that someone can evaluate my femininity and general charm by the look of my nails was striking. Suddenly I found myself in my teens again, with my poor brain being bombarded with all kinds of painful questions.

female thumbDoes it really matter how long a woman’s nails are?

How important is it for a man?

How long should it be?

Thanks God, I am an agnostic I am mature enough to draw sensible conclusions from my own experience. But, before that I would still like to try to answer these questions for my dear readers.

First of all, tastes differ, basing on many factors, e.g. personality, social status, profession, etc. What is good for one may be disgusting for another. Some men do not pay attention to nails at all. I used to know one guy, whose wife was regularly doing fake but very beautiful nails. Once his female friend asked him which salon was his wife going to. “Does my wife have fake nails?” he exclaimed in pure surprise.

Others appreciate simplicity, and find pleasure in observing beautiful shapes of your body, rather than scrutinising your fingers in despair. In fact, I know many men who insist on cutting the nails as short as possible. There are also metro sexuals and male fashionistas who care about every tiny detail, and will not date a woman without a fake tan, hair, lashes, nails and preferably boobs. Would you like to be with someone like that? Then, go ahead and go to the salon. But, be prepared to pay the prize.

How much does it cost to have feminine hands?

female hand

This paragraph is mostly devoted to my male readers, if there are any, as most of the women are very well aware of this horrible outcome. If you innocently believe that there is nothing easier than just allowing your nails to grow for a week, and then ta-dah! magic! they wonderfully appear on your fingers, pure and shining, I must disappoint you. Keeping your hands beautiful is not an easy task, and not a cheap one. Let’s just assume that in average a woman is having a manicure once a month.


Basic manicure, which includes simply maintaining your hands in accurate condition, would cost you in average 25 pounds. This comes with the necessity to buy all the nails care products such as various creams, polishes, scissors, files, and other essential attributes. If you are interested how much it costs, go to Boots and see yourself. I bet you’ll be surprised. For example, the cheapest nail polish in Boots would be around two pounds. To remind you, usually, one needs more than one colour. But it will go off your nails in a couple of hours. A kit for natural French manicure would cost around 10 pounds. If you want something more sophisticated, there are beautiful stickers in the shape of flowers, that you can purchase for no less than 5 pounds. In addition, if a girl doesn’t want her nails to look like shit, she has to repeat all this wonderful ritual at least once in two days. Approximate costs: 50 pounds per month.


silver nail polish

Artificial nails that look so nice on somebody else will be slightly more expensive – around 35-40 pounds. Ideally, it does not break in a month’s time. In practice, a lady is returning to a salon to fix a broken nail or two, paying, guess how much, around 15 pounds for recovery. Dear gentlemen, if you want your woman to have long nails, be prepared to wash the dishes and do all the house cleaning all by yourself, as losing a fake nail is not only expensive, but is also very painful, with blood and all the rest of unpleasant consequences. And… I bet you will not ask her to touch your sensitive parts with these.. Will you?

So, what did I do? I have started growing my nails, of course. I have spent more than a month, keeping it and growing it as hard as I could, experimenting with styles, patterns and colours. I was trying as hard, as i could. And, you know what? He told me it’s TOO long now!

And, thus, I’ve written this wonderful article, leaving the discussion open. I want to hear what you have to say.

Does the size matter?


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4 Responses to “Does the Size Matter?”
  1. Ferran says:

    My opinion on this is that the nails is one more part of the woman’s aspect. Is normal to take care of, but with no more or less attention that any other common aspect, and not only related to woman, but to man as well, like smell good, wear clean clothes, clean hair, properly shaved, etc…

    Someone could argue that being 100% natural is beautiful, well, that is a wonderful sentence but is not real. Nature grows your hair, make you smell reaaallly bad, does not iron, don’t use bras, destroy your teeth, etc… But someone completely artificial looks horrible.

    What is reasonable? A balance, just a detail for showing that you take care of, not less, not more.

    Why nails have an special attention for woman?. Well, the special attention is in general with all those aspects different from a man, and is feminine those aspects that differentiated nicely one to the other. Is masculine on the other way round, all those aspects that differentiates man from woman. A man should take care about being presentable and to be masculine if he wants to be sexy, and I suppose that for a woman is the same. For example, a 2 days properly cut bear is sexy for man, because is masculine, because is one aspect that is different from a woman, it would be horrible if a woman did that.

    The nails, are one of those different aspects that differentiates from man. You obviously can do exactly the same as every man does, cut it short and that’s all. It would be any problem? No. But what is more feminine, to wear the same jeans with the same shape as the men’s jeans or to wear a nice elegant skirt and tights, or a proper jeans designed for the shape of the woman?

    The same with the length and stuff on the nails, the same with the skirt. If you wear a really tiny skirt and stoking for walking on the street, you are taking that differentiation from man into an extreme, and it stops to look elegant and feminine, and it starts to look too much, same with nails.

    Just keep it simple, and make a nice little differentiation from the men’s style and it will look pretty and feminine. On the other way round, I found it horrible a man with long nails…

    • Thank you Ferran,

      Very nice point of view. The only thing that you probably missed is to compare the costs for maintaining female nails/hair/body/etc and male. There is a huge gap between these two, so as between men and women’s salaries, which is always to the benefit of the first.

      To remind you, some men DO like natural bodies in the sense that you’ve mentioned, hair and sweat included. 🙂 That’s why traditional men, or, call it “men with special aesthetic needs” usually contribute financially to keep their beloved women in the condition they like and want. In Russian we say, “Only the one who pays can order the music.” So, if you want your lady to look stunning 24/7, do some calculations first and see if she can afford it.


      • Ferran says:

        Completely agree that the cost is completely different but has nothing to do with if the man has to support it or not. As an example, look if all those thousands of single woman in London takes care about their look or not, or if only the ones with a parter do.

        Usually is the opposite, the single ones takes care and once they got married, they stop doing it. Makes no sense.

  2. Ferran,

    Yes, a woman can and should take care of herself up till the moment she is able to afford it. But, if a man is saying, “Darling, I want you to look like a sexy babe on that poster”, he should be able to pay the costs.

    If I want my man to smell nice, I will not say “You stink!”. I will buy him a nice perfume. If I want him to have Hue Jackson’s body, I wouldn’t insult him by saying “Honey, I don’t like your weak muscles.”, I would buy him a gym membership. Because all these has to do with MY personal preferences ONLY, not his! He might like his smell and consider it masculine enough. And, if HE is kind enough, he will accept my wishes and wear the perfume, and go to the gym.

    Why do men can afford saying “I don’t like your haircut, or your nails?” If you want her to have a beautiful French on her nails, you are free to buy her a gift card to the beauty salon. 😉

    Where did you hear that funny piece of information about single women taking care of themselves more than married ones? This is just a myth that comes from men, who find excuses to leave their wives for much younger lovers. These lovers, by the way, are exactly the type of expensive women who are supported by their “sponsor”. Don’t be delusioned. 🙂


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