Addicted to Salsa – Interview with Salsa Oracle

salsa feet

All of us have our little weaknesses and “sins”. Some crave for chocolate, others cannot imagine their life without a good cup of coffee or a cigarette puff. You would think that one can develop an addiction to only something that he or she consumes. However, the unfortunate experience with gambling has proved otherwise. Activities can … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. Technique.

Tango in London

“Technique is in your fingers, there’s magic in your touch..” (Rainey “Technique“) Apart from being unordinary, I also happen to be quite stubborn. After trying a few beginners’ classes and not getting further than simple walking-talking, I undertook another attempt to learn tango. I decided that it’s better to pay double and stay for a … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. The Beginners.

Bianca Tango

It appeared that my impressions from this place are so strong that one post is absolutely not enough to lay out all my indignation. I started with the “brief” prelude in my previous entry and will continue the narration below. Of course I was rather annoyed by the necessity to wait till September. But, I … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. Introduction.

I am very passionate about dancing. All in all, I’ve been dancing 9 years, 2 of which I’ve been working as a dance teacher myself. Most of the time I was doing Contemporary with a mixture of hip-hop and other modern styles, but quite recently I’ve also subscribed for salsa lessons, here in London. The … Continue reading

London Concours d’Elegance 2011

If you like expensive cars and posh lifestyle this a number one event for you to visit. For those who don’t know – Concours d’Elegance is a gathering of the most luxurious and fabulous automobiles in the world, as well as of the wealthy people who can afford buying it. The cheapest ticket to the … Continue reading

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