Pretty or Witty?

When you are young, all you want from a relationship is a babe with a nice body. Whether she has a good personality or not plays no part in the decision you make.

However, do men still have the same attitude by the time they reach a mature age? Do they start looking for something more than beautiful eyes and long legs?  Perhaps, a female with more substance, someone to talk to rather than just to look at?

Women always look at the whole package. Why do men have the desperate need to have a bombshell, hanging on their arm? Even as they get older you see these long withstanding relationships falling apart because a man has found a younger and sexier version of yourself.


Are men intimidated by a woman who is beautiful, humorous and successful? Do men like to feel like “the man” that has the beautiful but dumb girlfriend that is there simply to make him look good?

Do the looks play a bigger part to the representatives of the stronger sex than to its counterparts? Personally I do not think women have the patience to have a hunk of a man who lacks staff in the brains department.

Is it vanity that makes the men to show off with a gorgeous girlfriend in front of his friends?

Seeing beautiful girls standing next to not-so-beautiful men is becoming ridiculously silly. You can’t help wondering how obvious it is. A gold digger makes a perfect match for a trophy winner, isn’t it?

Are we still living in the world where looks matter more than brains? Beauty is fleeing but that wonderful ability to make your Someone Special laugh stays forever.

Why does it happen, and, most importantly, how a woman can live with that, knowing that once she gets older and not so attractive, she will be easily replaceable?

Written by Meha Patel

5 Responses to “Pretty or Witty?”
  1. JF says:

    Credits to the writer, but I totally disagree with that. This is based on what the writer thinks and not on facts. How many men (from various backgrounds) do you actually know to stick to that rule?

  2. Rudums says:

    I was going to write a long comment explaining all the ways how this article is wrong and doesn’t even try to look at things critically. I realised I had better things to do than argue on the internet with people who will probably not change their minds at any point anyway, so instead I decided to point out the two things this article is right about.
    1. Yes, there are men and women who look firstly for physical attractiveness in their mates, long-term or short-term. These people exist.
    2. Yes, a gold-digger definitely fits greatly with a trophy-winner. Sometimes.

    • Meha says:

      I am not saying it happens, I have written ‘are they’ ‘do they’. Each and every article will not hit the spot for each and every person but for some people this article apply’s for others it does not. It is just a humorous article 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂 x

  3. PR says:

    Well, with me it has always been the case that if a Girl doesn’t have a decent head on her shoulders and can’t hold an intelligible conversation it doesn’t matter how good looking she is….it ain’t going to happen.

  4. Dear readers,

    Thank you very much for expressing your fair point of view. As Meha has already pointed out, the article does not express the ultimate truth. What it is, is just a mere attempt to find out why do some men give the preference to the outer appearance while there is much more to discover inside. It does not relate to anybody in particular and is not aimed to offend the stronger sex.

    Here we would like to hear your opinion on why we still happen to observe the mentioned kind of behaviour and how frequent it is.

    Do you think it is wrong or right to select your second half basing on his/her appearance?
    Have you (or your friends) ever experienced this kind of attitude?
    Do you think is understandable/justifiable?
    Why does it happen?
    What can be done about it?

    Thank you once again!

    Kind regards,


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