A Happy Customer is a Returning Customer

Marketing Cuisine: How to Make Your Customers Happy and Make Them Return Because of my job specification, and natural curiosity, I often enjoy looking at different marketing techniques from the customer’s point of view. Recently it became quite trendy to talk about building emotional connection with your audience, and I was really happy to discover … Continue reading

Ryanair: A Big Fight over a Small Bag

вид из окна самолета

Ryanair. It’s hard to know what to say sometimes, but I think I speak for most when I say Ryanair is a big corporate twat. The low fares are the only thing attracting customers, which would be a good enough reason to fly with them, except that… the fares aren’t that cheap. “Low” not “Cheap” Once the … Continue reading

The Peculiar Charm of Russian Service

Some people may argue that service does not have a nationality. However, it is not entirely true. Similar to any other peculiarity of behaviour that is characteristic to a certain group of people, bearing the same identity or a background, service can be coloured in exactly the same palette as a flag. I may very … Continue reading

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