A Happy Customer is a Returning Customer

Marketing Cuisine: How to Make Your Customers Happy and Make Them Return

Because of my job specification, and natural curiosity, I often enjoy looking at different marketing techniques from the customer’s point of view. Recently it became quite trendy to talk about building emotional connection with your audience, and I was really happy to discover that some companies actually make it happen. To everybody who is curious how professional marketing looks like, continue reading (;.

A week ago I have decided to order a white board to assist in my personal projects. I was looking for something that would be big enough to allow me to film short video tutorials. Since I was ordering it in amazon, it was rather difficult to evaluate the real measurements of the product, and so, I was hesitating between two items of similar value. One of them was quite big, but not really good looking, and without the magnets. Another was of Japanese manufacture, really stylish, and had the magnets, which I needed, but was smaller. In the end of the day, I have decided to give the second one a go. In a few days it had arrived, and I was immediately disappointed, because it was much smaller than I expected.

However, my disappointment vanished quite quickly, and I was smiling, gladly staring at the package. Why? How did it happen? What did the company do, to make me change my mind?

Here are three small, but effective business techniques they have used:


1. A Personal Note

Dear UC, Thank you for your order(…),” they started. Very simple. Nothing elaborate. But written by hand. This makes a very good emotional connection with your customer. It makes him feel unique, and appreciated. What I would personally do, is to make a message slightly warmer. Let’s say, “We feel happy you have chosen us.” or “We wish you the very best with your projects.” One can endlessly experiment with this. The product you order already tells enough about your customer. So, if you order a lipstick, for example, one can write, “May you be the prettiest girl of the party.“, etc.

2. A Complimentary Gift

The whiteboard already came together with a standard black marker. So, I was very surprised to see in the package another one, bigger and of better quality. “Please find enclosed a complimentary red magnetic marker,” the note said. By a funny coincidence, I have already ordered a pack of coloured markers. But, I was still waiting for it to arrive. So, now I had a whiteboard + two markers. Enough to get started with my project. Was I satisfied? Yes. Would I order more goods from this company in future? Affirmative! Would I recommend it to my friends? Definitely!

3. A Business Card

After you made your customer feel unique, important, and appreciated, you also need to keep the memory of yourself. How can you do that? How can you make a person to remember you brand name after consuming a dozen of other products? He might be extremely happy about you, and might even want to recommend you to his friends, but still forget what company has given him this experience. Attaching the business card is one of the ways to do it. This one was very carefully designed. On the front side it contained the name: whitestrawberry.co.uk, and an image of some other products that are offered by this company, pens and scissors. On the back side, it had an image of the white board that I have just ordered. It was achieving three important goals in one go: 1. introducing the brand 2. reminding me what I have ordered. 3. offering me other products.

All in all, this company achieved to make me forget about the size, to feel grateful for their effort, and to make me share this experience with you. The conclusion is: be loyal to your audience, make it feel unique and appreciated, and some day one of them might even want to write an article about you.

If you have more examples of exemplary good marketing, feel free to share it.

Always yours,


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2 Responses to “A Happy Customer is a Returning Customer”
  1. Fantastic points and observations. Although I am genrally very cost conscious, if there is someplace I go often, such as the grocery store, I will consistenly go to the one that does the “extra” things to show the customer they are appreciated. I also want to know that their employees are treated well.

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