Shopping for Feelings: How a Bad Mirror Can Teach you Good Marketing

A funny thing happened to me last Spring. I was going shopping for a new coat, but I couldn’t find the one I truly liked. You know the drill? You are looking for something very particular, but it essentially exists only in your own imagination. There is an old Russian movie where the main protagonist … Continue reading

How To Make the Best of the Sunny Weather

Summer is close! Aren’t you excited? What the doctors say is correct! There is something about getting a little bit of vitamin D straight from the rays of the sun, that make your day wonderful. However, these days almost don’t exist for students. We have to spend our time on boring coursework’s, dissertations and dreadful … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. The Beginners.

Bianca Tango

It appeared that my impressions from this place are so strong that one post is absolutely not enough to lay out all my indignation. I started with the “brief” prelude in my previous entry and will continue the narration below. Of course I was rather annoyed by the necessity to wait till September. But, I … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. Introduction.

I am very passionate about dancing. All in all, I’ve been dancing 9 years, 2 of which I’ve been working as a dance teacher myself. Most of the time I was doing Contemporary with a mixture of hip-hop and other modern styles, but quite recently I’ve also subscribed for salsa lessons, here in London. The … Continue reading

Flowers – Unreasonable Luxury, or Profitable Investment?

I came from a place where the culture of flowers is developed to its apogee. People are buying flowers on every occasion – birthdays, weddings, parties, anniversaries, proms, graduations, etc. And, in spite of the fact that my home country is not the rich one, and flowers are quite expensive there, people are also presenting … Continue reading

Quest for a Massage, Chapter III: B Beauty Clinic

That was my fourth attempt to get a good understanding of what a proper massage is like, two of which – Massage at Kalma Spa and The Happiness Centre were thoroughly described in the previous entries.  I must admit, the process of the research is quite enjoyable and it is getting very addictive with every … Continue reading

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