Is it a GOOD Thing to Love a BAD Boy?

love triangle

Image by AKARAKINGDOMS (source)

Why do girls tend to love men who do not deserve it at the same time ignore those who give them a great deal of love and attention?

That question had been puzzling people’s minds for years, until Peter Jonason of  New Mexico University in Las Cruces did a study where 200 college students participated in a personality test which in turn ranked them in terms of the ‘dark triad’. They were then questioned about their sexual relationships and attitudes to brief affairs. What Dr Jonason found was, those who rated higher in the dark triad were also the ones who tended to have more partners and short term affairs.

Therefore has Dr Jonason’s study which was later carried out by David Schmitt, of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois who found a similar link and commented that “It is universal across cultures”, proved that women actually like  troublesome man. The study shows that men who have the ‘dark triad ‘of traits (narccism, thrill-seeking and deceitfulness) are more likely to have more sexual affairs. [Source]

“We have some evidence these traits may represent a successful evolutionary strategy,” Dr Jonason told New Scientist magazine.

happiness or misery

Image by Stuart Miles (source)

So, does this mean that good boys will come last?

Women complain that these men are treating them badly, and yet we, are in fact attracted to this kind of behaviour.

Of course, not all the women are the same. But, I cannot help wondering why do we bring all the miseries upon ourselves?

My theory could be put in one word- excitement!

A funny and adventurous person is so much more exciting then his plain and modest rival. No matter how much our admirer is in love, we can hardly chose boredom over fun. Unfortunately, all the excitement ends up at the point when the man leaves you after a wild encounter the night before with nothing more than a brief “I’ll call you.”

If anything, the good guy is there, probably wiping your tears and finding you attractive, even when you have snot running down your face. But do we acknowledge them? No, you just wait around until the next bad boy comes along to break your heart all over again.

The question remains, is it our own choice to be miserable? Do we as women want to be treated bad? Is that what gets us going? Do we enjoy being the damsels in distress, not letting the sweet hearted prince save us, until it is too late? Do we choose out path into laughter or tears?

The questions are open to discussion. What do you think?

Written By Meha Patel


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