Congratulations! You Have Been Fooled! :-)

Android developer decides to take a creative approach to rewarding his consumers

If you are using Messaging Metro it would be difficult not to notice that the April Fools’ Day has knocked on your door. In fact, it literally smashed it with an astonishing announcement. Don’t panic! Nobody has seen your texts and you are not going to prison in the near future. You have just been fooled. (;

Android developer Ferran Garriga, who has already released a number of highly efficient applications on the market, is famous for his non-standard approach to treating his consumers. Apart from trying to provide a very speedy high level customer service, he is always very friendly and informal to his audience, which makes a great contrast with the big brand companies and their “conveyor-like” attitude.

On the 1st of April all the users of Messaging Metro have received a number of shocking pop-up messages that informed them about their texts being scanned and analysed by FBI. After reading this terrifying piece of information, the users have been relieved to discover that this is nothing more than an April Fools’ joke designed to attract their attention to the fantastic news. “This is a special day, and my users deserve a special treat,” Ferran comments.

Messaging Metro Beta Android

Messaging Metro Chatmain light theme

Messaging Metro Beta (v,69)  is a messaging application for android phones, designed with a special Windows Phone 7 style. Currently it is the only messaging application of its kind on the android market, available absolutely free of charge. The basic version of the application is already a reward itself with its speedy performance and user friendly interface. However, in the course of the development some of the special features were added to it and are available for a ridiculously small donation. In this small point Ferran again has used the opportunity to be original, offering his customers to reward him for a good job with a pint of beer, a lunch and/or a concert. The choice is completely optional and the cheapest donation would make the amount of 2.99 £.

However, if you decide to donate on the 1st of April and just this day, you would be surprised to find out that some of the rewards are quite unlikely to correspond to its real value. Check the ticket to the concert and you will understand what I mean.

Isn’t it hilarious? (;


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Messaging Metro Beta on the Android Market

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One Response to “Congratulations! You Have Been Fooled! :-)”
  1. hahaha this is awesome!
    Now downloading the app…

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