Don’t Cut My.. Tra-la-la!!!

A man is walking by the street in Odessa, looking for a place to repair his watch. Suddenly he sees a shop with a big image of watch on a signboard. He enters the shop and asks the sales assistant,

-“Hi! Do you do watch repairs?”

-“No, we do circumcision.”

-“Why have you got watch hanging on your signboard then?” he asks in indignation.

-“And what do you want there to hang?” replies the salesman.


You probably think that this article is going to cover some dodgy subject. This was a foul play of mine.  Sorry to disappoint you, but here we will not talk about male generative organs (unfortunately). The target of today’s post is a way more sensitive part of human’s body… hair. If you have hair on your head, you must be still interested.

Ready to hear a secret? Every girl is afraid to go to the hairdresser. The explanation is very simple. She does not know how she will look after this terrible visit. There are various ways how to make a girl look ugly, but the most popular one is to cut more hair than she is able to sacrifice to the dusty floor of the bloody salon.

There were times when I thought I was the only one.. I was ashamed to confess that my muscles tense every time I sit down on the chair and hear the whistle of scissors near my ears. Then, I open my eyes (oh yes, I usually close them for good) and look what was done. Sometimes, very rarely, I like it.

Once, I went to an uknown salon in Greenwich (very stupid thing to do), and asked to trim two centimetres from my ends.. The young hairdresser immediately started her job and enthusiastically cut half of my hair from one side.

What are you doing??? – I said in despair.

Oh, did you want it less? – she asked.

Yes, yes, yes! I told you 2 centimetres!!!

Oh, ok then, I’ll do as you like.

 But, of course, it was too late.. So, I returned home ready to cry.

Then I shared my sad story with some friends of mine, and found out a funny thing. Everybody is feeling the same. Here are some of the quotes:

You can’t imagine how many times I returned home from a hairdresser and was crying all day into my pillow, unwilling to talk to anybody, because I felt she spoiled my look completely!

Usually, the majority of hairdressers believes that they know better how much to cut and how good it will look. Hell no! It will be ME, who will be wearing this hair after, and ONLY I know how it will look better.

After hearing such genuine confessions, I started my investigation and actually found the hairdresser that was considering my “size preferences”. I explained her my concerns and she nodded approvingly.

I perfectly understand what you mean. My hair grows really slowly, so I need it to be trimmed just slightly. A lot of hairdressers don’t understand it and cut a big amount of hair, believing that it will look nicer this way. But, I don’t like it. That is why it is so difficult for me to cut my own hair, although I am a hairdresser myself.

I was completely satisfied with the work she did, and it would be the happiest day of my life if it wasn’t for the price I had to pay..

Thus, here is the conclusion: hairdressers, the less you cut, the more you charge.

Here is the name of the salon I went to, if somebody is interested:

Galina Hair Studio

14 Bell Lane, E1 7LA, London, UK

Feel free to recommend me more, and share your thoughts and experience in the comments below. Let’s call it a club of “not-so-anonymous cuts haters”, or have you got a better name in mind?

No scissors

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5 Responses to “Don’t Cut My.. Tra-la-la!!!”
  1. Лена says:

    Очень животрепещущая тема на самом деле. Такое поведение вынудило меня сменить парикмахера, которая кстати, хороший колорист. Она тоже пела песню о том, что “чем больше стрижешь, тем быстрее отрастают.” Это бредни. Конечно, нужно избавляться от посеченных кончиков, но у меня лично 2 (!) похода к ней обернулись тем, что из волос, которые по длине доходили почти до лопаток, получилось полудлинное каре, чуть недоходящее до плеч ((
    Понравилась ссылка на сайт – только мелирование у нее обошлось бы мне около 100 с чем-то. Но по Лондонским ценам на такие услуги – вполне нормально. Она очень тебе понравилась? Расскажи подробнее….

    • Мне понравился результат. За стрижку кончиков и челки я заплатила 25 фунтов, что я считаю достаточно дорого.
      Она сама очень приятная женщина, но по английски говорит so-so, и немного рассеяна.

  2. Mozella Rillera says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share.

  3. You are always welcome! (;

  4. anonymous says:

    Все-таки потрясное изобретение – блог. Казалось бы обычный сайт, но изменили подачу информации, передали сайт в руки одного человека и открылась еще одна грань общения с миром.

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