How to Become a Premium Customer?

The majority of us are familiar with the idea, imposed on us by “malicious” capitalists that a customer is never wrong.  Such kind of ideology is originally supposed to contribute to the provision of a better service and understanding between the two parties. As a result, whenever there is a doubtful situation, or an argument between the seller and the client, the last won’t hesitate to point at the universal truth.

But is it really so? Does the fact that you are paying your money necessarily justify all the abusive behaviour and inappropriate attitude that some of us are frequently demonstrating? And, is the level of permissiveness defined by the price we pay? Personally, I don’t think so.

I am not here to defend the rights of the “poor” sellers. I am here to appeal to your common sense, and help you to become a premium customer in most of the places without substantial financial contribution. The truth is that the better customer you are, the better service you usually get. Of course, there are some exceptions, but usually it works. Why does one person always gets the biggest watermelon in every market he comes to, while another comes home with a worm-eaten fruit that cost twice more expensive? Because some people know the rules, and some don’t.

Five principles of a premium customer

1. We are all human beings

Funnily enough, we usually forget about this simple moment. A person, on the other side of the till, a lady who is doing your nails, a driver, who is taking you home – they are not heartless machines, constructed to fulfil a certain set of actions.  They are as good as you, and they also have feelings. A waitress, that is smiling to you now, trying to explain why your meal is not yet ready, can cry her heart out in the toilet ten minutes later, because you and 20 more other clients today were too lazy to suppress your anger. Keep that in mind.

2. There is no fence against ill fortune

Do you think every person has the job he/she deserves or is capable of? Perhaps, you’re right. But, what do you know about the person who is serving you? He could be working as a waiter, but in reality be the host of the place. He could be cleaning the floor to save money for the MA degree in Quantum Mechanics. He could be a former oligarch, who has lost his fortune in one day and yet didn’t give up. This you will never know.  In reality, many of today’s celebrities, before they became who they are now, were doing quite ordinary jobs: waiters, sales assistants, cashiers, car cleaners, etc. Which is more important, you have no idea how your own life can turn out. Today you might be successful, and tomorrow you’ll be wiping streets with a broom. Don’t look down on people.

3. Smile is a priceless credit card that is accepted everywhere

You often hear that smile is a key to people’s hearts, but you won’t believe how real it is until you try. Your own smile is gold, but producing sincere smiles on other people’s faces is a brilliant. Having a good sense of humour, and being able to implement it in practice with other people, making their lives a little bit brighter, is a true blessing. If talking to a customer service representative you will be able to use that skill – the world is yours. It’s certainly not about telling anecdotes, or making ambiguous allusions. Just take the funny approach, be friendly and positive and you’ll see the sprouts growing. It will make a person who you communicate with relax and perceive you more on a personal level rather than a superficial one.

4. Building mind connection for perfection

After you mastered the first three steps, you are already able to achieve a lot. However, you can do much more. In a popular today stream of psychology NLP there is a good and very simple technique of building the emotional connection with your interlocutor. All you have to do is to find something in common with a person you deal with. In reality, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big issue, but should show your sincere interest and associate yourself with a person you are talking to. The easiest thing is to pick up on a person’s origin, e.g. “Are you from Spain? I really enjoy Gaudi architecture.”

5. Be respectful, but not kowtowing

A lot of young people are prone to making this mistake. While we should treat other people with respect, we frequently forget about our own ego, and are becoming too shy or polite in front of the “gorgeous representatives of the glorious Customer Service”. Instinctively they feel it and take the advantage, giving you scornful and ironical looks. Remember, even if this person is selling you the hub of the universe, you don’t need to kowtow. Be confident and dignified.

Of course, you can tell – “Why should I care to make this person like me?” “It’s him who should be interested in selling me whatever he does.” “It’s he who should care to produce a good impression, and I am just supposed to receive good service for my money.” Possibly, you’re right. But, that’s the philosophy of the douchebags, and you want to be a premium customer. Imagine you are a sales assistant. Would you recommend a good pair of shoes to a person that is looking down and frowning at you?

And, as always, you are more than welcome to express your point of view below. Let me know what you think and if the given guidence was useful.


3 Responses to “How to Become a Premium Customer?”
  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    I absolutely loved this post. Thank you. And I’ve never believed the customer is ALWAYS right.

  2. Those are some really good suggestions UC, will try to keep those in mind, when the customer service is treated with this good attitude they will respond better. I actually know some people that always make sure they treat the customer service as bad as they can, always demanding and threatening to leave the service if something is not right (the douchs philosophy), which is really sad.

  3. vilks12 says:

    As usual, good post – I like it . Short , good explained and interesting …
    I’m already thinking about my smile to some pretty waitress ! 🙂
    Love your pictures – good choose !!!

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