Most Annoying Behaviours in the Underground – PART II

Every day, similarly to another 3 million of people in London, I am taking the tube. Being such a frequent guest in this “hospitable shelter” I cannot help noticing “things”. In fact, it becomes a constant source of inspiration for my rebellious brain. I don’t even need to think hard to be able to write an article about it, because every day I am experiencing one and the same phenomena. To give to my soul at least a temporary relief from all the stressful emotions, I have decided to compile a small list of things that are turning me, and some other sensible people, into a big bag of nerves.

This is the second part of the infamous narration about my tube “preferences”. This time I am going to proceed with even more annoying behaviours, so get ready to scream. If you haven’t had the chance to get acquainted with the first part, here we go.

4. Newspapers’ attack

I know, I’ve already mentioned evening Standard in my previous post, but this is slightly different. After successfully escaping from the distributors, you usually face guys, who actually read this free stuff. occasionally, it happens to be a posh newspaper, but it doesn’t make it easier for you, as some people believe that everyone must be equally interested in whatever they are reading at the moment. That’s why they “kindly” spread the damn paper across all its length and width, covering your knees, face and sometimes head. As a result, you are not only unable to read your own book, but literally forced to see the colourful and junky articles. Dough!

5. Part-time “Pillows”

People are different. Some grow up and some to the sides. However, it doesn’t really matter in the tube, since regardless of the body constitution, there is always one or two bastards who will put their hands, arms, shoulders, hooves legs, heads, bags, tails and/or whatever they have there with them on your precious personal space. Some of them consider your arms nothing more but pillows, considerately attached to the chairs for their own comfort. They seem very surprised when these “attachments” start to move, though.

6. Smells

Even more disturbing than everything that has been already mentioned could be smells. Needless to say how unpleasant it is, starting from poisonous strong perfumes, continuing with junk food, that is eaten in front of your eyes, and ending up with such stinky flavours, I don’t even want to mention. In fact, I am not sure what could smell so badly. This is probably one of the things that could make me leave the coach for good.

Well, enough of negatives for now. I hope you enjoyed the “tube tales”, and agree with me on the mentioned points. If you are also annoyed by the same things press [Like] to support my point of view.

Please feel free to update the list with suggestions on what are the most annoying behaviours in the tube or any other public transport.

To be continued…


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6 Responses to “Most Annoying Behaviours in the Underground – PART II”
  1. patrick anobili says:

    need to get that carcass cologne, might enable me find a seat when next i’m underground

  2. Лена says:

    А я покритикую…) Что-то уже второй пост прямо кишит злостью к людям, быть может, если бы и я ездила в метро каждый день, тоже бы так злилась. И еще, не употребляй слово на букву “б” в блоге, нихарашо

    • Я нашла отдушину своим эмоциям.
      Чем более провокативные статьи – тем больше внимания публики. Посмотри на Малахова. 🙂

  3. vilks12 says:

    Молодец !!! Особенно, как всегда, иллюстрации !!! :))) . И много новых слов: “б” – это Dough! ? :))))

  4. Спасибо!
    Dough! – черт!
    Б – Bastards – сволочи 🙂

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