Ever Give Me Nots – 7 Worst Presents for Xmas

bad presents
We rarely have a clear idea in mind on what to buy for our beloved ones. Very often our expectations on what they might want have absolutely no connection with the reality.

Busy people, and “last-moment-Santas” behold the all-mighty list of things one should never give out for Christmas, unless he deliberately wants to create some negative response.

1. Diary

You think: A diary is a handy thing, that makes you look serious and feel organised.

In reality: The most boring present ever, that screams of the lack of preparation.

Alternatively: Go for a funny and colourful Calendar. You can even make a personalised one, with the pictures of the person.

2. Books

You think: This person likes reading, so he/she will probably like this one…

In reality: This is slightly less boring than a diary, but still immensely uninteresting. Even if this person is a total book-worm, there is no guarantee he/she will appreciate your selection. There s a high chance your book will innocently lie on the shelf forever covered with a double layer of dust.

Alternatively: Some books can be less boring than others, e.g: Kamasutra, or the complete Dictionary of Swear Words. But, please consider who are you buying it for.


3. Home utensils and gadgets

You think: This vacuum cleaner is really nice and handy.

In reality: You make the recipient of the gift think that you believe cleaning/cooking/any other type of house work is her/his only mission in life. Nothing romantic or sweet. In fact, it is even insulting.

Alternatively: Electric teeth brush for a man and good hair iron/blow dry for a woman will make up for your love of gadgets 100%.


4. Gym membership

You think: He/she loves different activities, and likes to keep fit.

In reality: This will create one painful question in this person’s head, especially if it’s a woman, “Oh my God! Does he think I am fat? Does he think I really need it?”

Alternatively: Dancing classes membership for two, or a voucher for a massage.

5. A set of toiletries


You think: Toiletries is a universal gift, which everybody needs at some point.

In reality:  Boring! Boring! Boring! You will probably pick one of those sets that are “kindly” offered by Boots. That’s another facepalm. At some point the recipient of your gift will walk into the shop, and will know exactly where you bought this, and how much did it cost. Nothing can be more trivial.

Alternatively: A perfume. There are plenty of deals in same Boots. Forget the tales that people like different aromas. There are certain fragrances that everybody will be attracted to. Search for muskus and ambra.

The cheaper version would be a hand-made soap from a shop with a good reputation, e.g.: The Body Shop.


6. Pets

You think: He/she simply adores cats and probably feels lonely without it.

In reality: This a really risky one. Even though this person may like animals, there could be certain circumstances when you cannot keep them at home, e.g. it is specified in the letting agreement.

Alternatively: A plant for a man and a teddy bear for a woman. It doesn’t shit and needs no attention.

7. Items of Clothes

You think: Red socks suit him will.

In reality: T-shirts, scarves, gloves, sweaters, underwear,  etc. Be careful here, because there is a high chance to get the wrong size, or pick a thing one would never put on.

Alternatively: Beautiful dressing-gown or a kimono. Most people like it, and there shouldn’t be a problem with the size.

That’s all my imagination can think of right now. If you have funny stories about bad gifts that were presented to you, or you friends, please share. I can update the list upon request. If you have to say anything else, you are always welcome. As usual, don’t forget to press the [like] button.

Have a lovely Christmas celebration!


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4 Responses to “Ever Give Me Nots – 7 Worst Presents for Xmas”
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    Looking forward to your next article!

  2. Lindy B says:

    Hi Unordinary Customer This is a very interesting blog, I think the information that you are giving is interesting. Thank you for sharing it

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