After Laughter Come Tears


One of the common questions that people ask looking at somebody’s unhappy relationships is: Why are they together when they cannot make each other happy?

At some point, each of us has experienced bad treatment from his “better half”. Why didn’t we have courage to put an end to this torture?

breaking up the relationships


We tend to accept any form of love that is given to us. At first this “love” is beautiful. We become accustomed to this “happily ever after” that we build in our head and heart. Thus, when the relationship gets sour, our head may understand that we must walk away, but our heart does not allow us to do so.

The mad couplemajority of time people, involved in a destructive relationship, are emotionally drained. They know they need to walk away, but that is possibly the hardest task ever. Therefore, they turn around and go back for more, and more and more. When you are on a rollercoaster of emotions, you get used to crying and sobbing, slowly realising that this is not what is called “happiness”.

We all see the couples, with their love at first sight, holding hands flaunting there love, claiming they will get their “happily ever after”. There is no harm in hoping and dreaming, but allow your relationship to grow. We are not a part of a JLS video, with the simple structure. Day 1: you first lay your eyes on each other. Day 2: you think of each other. Day 3 is the same as Day 2 and Day 4, and then you fall in love. Life is not a music video where by day 7 you know that you will spend the rest of your life together. More commonly these are the relationships that find themselves in a rut, where you are receiving love and TLC for the first 3 months, and then are submitted to tears and pain. And then you are left wondering what went wrong.

These are the situations that you are required to walk away from. If there are more tears than laughter, then you must urge yourself to leave. By staying in this unhappy relationship you are not only damaging your chances of finding your perfect love, but also damaging the chances of your partner to find his ideal partner. It may be hard, but what are a few months of pain and suffering compared to a life full of happiness?

So, where do we go from here?

Happiness is the sun that drives winter from a human’s face. (Victor Hugo)

Written by Meha Patel

after laughter come tears

One Response to “After Laughter Come Tears”
  1. ladybird1990 says:

    Absolutely LOVE it… I think you’re right, I consider myself blessed and really lucky that I’ve been with the same person for near on 8 years ‘Old couples make you realize, someone can love you forever’ ♥

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