Why Friendship is Served Cold

“I remembered the fox. One runs the risk of crying a bit if one allows oneself to be tamed.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince People regularly talk about the importance of first love, but often underestimate the value of first, and long-lasting friendship. Nevertheless, it is still affecting our daily lives a great … Continue reading

Shame and Fear of Drunken Texts

To send or not to send? I’m fairly confident in saying there aren’t many people who are yet to wake to the feeling of shame, regret and disappointment as a result of their drunken fun times the night before. I’m saying we’ve all been there… because I’m a walking example. Most of us are.. So, there is … Continue reading

After Laughter Come Tears


One of the common questions that people ask looking at somebody’s unhappy relationships is: Why are they together when they cannot make each other happy? At some point, each of us has experienced bad treatment from his “better half”. Why didn’t we have courage to put an end to this torture? Because: We tend to … Continue reading

5 MUSTS IN BED [18+]

S-E-X! What is so special about this short word? Why do the three letters put together get you excited and attract so much attention? Because sex is fun, sensual and it can be extremely wild and pleasurable IF you push the correct buttons. It also creates a special chemistry between two people, prolongs your life … Continue reading

Indian Summer in Brighton

How do you normally spend Indian Summer, the last leftover of the warm and sunny days? Forget carpet cleaning, boring TV programmes, and piles of documents – go to Brighton! Being located relatively close to the city, it is perfect in its charm, and ideally suits for those who would like to give rest to … Continue reading

The Happiness Centre: Happily Ever after

After a not so very positive experience at Kalma Spa I thought I would very unlikely to go for another massage in the near future. Nevertheless, the very same Groupon web-site offered me a new deal, which was too tempting to miss it. This time it was 90 Minute Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massage Treatment … Continue reading

Massage at Kalma Spa

One of the things that I started appreciating recently is the effect of a good massage. People say it helps.. to relieve the tension of muscles and take off the stress. I did not have much experience in being massaged properly, but I was curious and very willing to get rid of the stress that … Continue reading

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