Angry Parents Protest Against Forced Women Conversion

On the 28th of May a handful of people gathered on Great Malborough street in Soho, London to show their dissatisfaction with the court decision regarding the case of Rinkle Kumari, Lata and Asha. As The Hindu writes, “The three young Hindu women who were allegedly kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married off to … Continue reading

After Laughter Come Tears


One of the common questions that people ask looking at somebody’s unhappy relationships is: Why are they together when they cannot make each other happy? At some point, each of us has experienced bad treatment from his “better half”. Why didn’t we have courage to put an end to this torture? Because: We tend to … Continue reading

When the Relationship Starts and TLC is Over

Familiar Feeling Why do some men constantly need to be told what to do, starting from the small things, such as “buy me roses”, to the more important ones, e.g. “do not forget my birthday”, etc. Is this just me who thinks it is natural for men to do so? Isn’t that supposed to be … Continue reading

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