5 MUSTS IN BED [18+]


What is so special about this short word? Why do the three letters put together get you excited and attract so much attention? Because sex is fun, sensual and it can be extremely wild and pleasurable IF you push the correct buttons. It also creates a special chemistry between two people, prolongs your life and makes you feel better, stronger and healthier.

That excited feeling of jumping into bed with a new partner, exploring his/her body, allowing him/her to explore yours… It’s like two children being let lose in a candy store with all sorts of treats coming your way. Remember that feeling?

So… There comes the question: Why is it that a woman, being in a steady relationship finds all sorts of excuses to avoid doing the “deed”. The same woman who not so long ago was buying the sexiest lingerie, wearing little cute underwear, lighting candles and doing things that made your mouth drop down with nothing but an “mmhmm”, escaping your lips now wears grandma knickers, big t-shirts and jogging bottoms and the only words escaping her mouth are a “nooo”.  The more eager the men get, the less interested the women are. Why?

There is hardly an answer for this. Dear men, if you want your woman to jump into bed and behave like a saucy little kitten, listen to the following:


1. Spice it up!

When you’re in a relationship the excitement can die down, and sex becomes a routine. You wake up, roll over, have a little poke around and that is it. Finished.

2. Foreplay. Bring it on!

Bring it back! Excite her a little (or a lot), get her aroused and then see the difference it makes to your sex life. Don’t forget that a little poke and a rub is not enough for a girl to orgasm. It just isn’t that easy for us!

3. Make sure she is warm

This seems to be the biggest problem. She never wants to take her clothes off because she is too darn cold. Fix it by cranking up the heat and watch as she slowly strips off. Yes, she can leave her hat on. Just make sure that the next excuse isn’t that she is too hot. We girls really know how to find the best excuses. Blow our mind so we no longer look for excuses.

4. Try a new place

Be an animal, go to your balcony, pull her over and start kissing her neck. That alone will get her all excited, the prospect of getting caught will be enough for her to try something new and wild. Ooh, bad boy!

5. Keep clean

Nobody wants to go down, and come face to face with something that is dirty, smelly and hairy. Grooming is possibly the biggest factor.

There is nothing wrong with sex life slowing the pace, but it is totally up to you to keep it going. Ladies, it concerns you as well. You cannot make an excuse every single time that he tries to get a little closer. How many times are you going to go “wash your hair” in a day?

Girls want romance and boys want sex. If both of you follow the same rules the needs will be satisfied. As Mariah puts it “Baby, if you give it to me, I’ll give it to you.” 😉

We only live once. Make the best of it!

Written by Meha Patel

Images Copyright © 2012 Unordinary Customer. All rights reserved.

10 Responses to “5 MUSTS IN BED [18+]”
  1. wobsy says:

    Most married couples prefer the doggie position: he sits up and begs, she rolls over and plays dead.

  2. Vaishali says:

    This is just like a general conversation between two friends. So with that portrayal this concludes that every man and woman can relate to their sex wants and needs. If men abide by being romantic they will be rewarded. No man should have their cake and eat it to as they like I put it.

  3. Chintal says:

    Love it! Miss Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out!

  4. Rakhee says:

    This is HILARIOUS! If this doesn’t get through to the ‘poking around’ couples, I really don’t know what will. Well done Meha 🙂

  5. josh says:

    gonna be keepin the radiator on from now on haha

  6. MR says:

    Well done Meha on the article. Would however like to say from a male perspective isn’t this just another way to make us do the hard work? Correct me if I’m wrong guys like sex (a lot) but so do girls (more upbeat society) so should it not be a two way process where both parties do the wooing?

    P.s. the well grooming goes two ways 🙂

    • Meha says:

      Both parties should do the wooing,but lets face it boys want sex more and when in a steady relationship the girls tend to stop wanting it as much lol, haha yes grooming is a two way factor for sure! and Thanku x

  7. I think that women fall into a slump and it’s harder for them to get out of it… But, Unordinary Customer, you’re right–ladies, quit making excuses and put out! 🙂 It will make your marraige better.

    On a side note, #3–I saw on the news a few months ago (or maybe it was a “man” show) that women orgasm better/stronger/more often if they are wearing socks. So if you’re cold, put some socks on and get into bed with your man. You might feel silly at first, but if it works, I’m sure he won’t mind!

  8. Vishal Patel says:

    just finished reading….most refreshing..

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