Shopping for Feelings: How a Bad Mirror Can Teach you Good Marketing

A funny thing happened to me last Spring. I was going shopping for a new coat, but I couldn’t find the one I truly liked. You know the drill? You are looking for something very particular, but it essentially exists only in your own imagination. There is an old Russian movie where the main protagonist … Continue reading

Window Shopper in Italy – 7 Best Window Decorations in Venice

Louis Vuitton Calle Larga de l'Ascension, 30124 Venezia, Italy

Italy is the motherlands of the most famous couturiers in the world. No wonder the quality of the shops and arrangement of shop windows should be much more impressive than anywhere else. “Spring obsessions are not limited to one particular city“, I thought  and headed straight to the romantic paradise of Europe – Venice. Among the narrow paved streets … Continue reading

Does the Size Matter?

Since my early childhood I was wondering why do some women have long witchy and creepy looking nails, while others cut it short? Some paint it bloody red, and others have black polish. What is it all for? During my teens I have been ill with an obsession for acrylic nails, attempting to look like … Continue reading

Window Shopper – Spring Obsessions in the City

The calendar Winter is finally over, and together with the weather, that gradually starts to recover from freezing cold, people are changing their outfits. Throw away your winter coat and uggs! You will not need it till the next season, unless you are going to the North Pole, of course.  It’s time to put on … Continue reading

Jack Wills vs. Abercrombie and Fitch

Where will you buy your next outfit? There’s nothing like a well dressed, great smelling man. Both make the male species instantly more attractive. At Abercrombie and Fitch you can be guaranteed they’ll leave the shop fulfilling both criteria. There are just few things they need to survive beforehand. Like, for example, squinting, with a mammoth headache, … Continue reading

Window Shopper in Glasgow – TOP 9

House of Fraiser Glasgow Christmas Shop Window

Window shopper continues her fascinating journey through the crowdy streets and Christmas lights, and decides to take a closer look at what other cities have to offer. Behold the unforgettable and totally irresistable TOP 9 of Glasgow Shopping Windows November 2011.  Ready? Let’s start.. 9. GAP: Minimalism is a good start. Clear, logical, and.. pink! … Continue reading

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