Most Annoying Behaviours in the Underground – PART I

Every day, similarly to another 3 million of people in London, I am taking the tube. Being such a frequent guest in this “hospitable shelter” I cannot help noticing “things”. In fact, it becomes a constant source of inspiration for my rebellious brain. I don’t even need to think hard to be able to write an article about it, because every day I am experiencing one and the same phenomena. To give to my soul at least a temporary relief from all the stressful emotions, I have decided to compile a small list of things that are turning me, and some other sensible people, into a big bag of nerves.

However, when I started working on it, the list appeared to be quite different from what I have expected. In fact “small” wouldn’t be the exact word to describe it.  Therefore, I am going to split my article into parts , allowing my kind readers some space and time for imagination.

As usual, let’s start with the less annoying things, and gradually proceed with behaviours that make one’s eyes jump out of its eyelids.

  1. Charity workers

I know that charity is a good cause, and probably many people should benefit because of these workers’ contribution. However, as one of my friends fairly noticed, “If I was able to donate my money to charity every day, I wouldn’t be living in [xxx] but in Notting Hill.” Honestly, I see these “angels on earth” every single morning. They jump at me in their ridiculous clothing and are shaking with their baskets in front of my nose. I don’t want to start my morning with giving away my honest earnings, and I also cannot be bothered with a terrible feeling of guilt. Please guys, go to some rich districts and find a better target.

  1. Evening Standard

Apart from charity workers trying to rob me, there is also a “newspaper guild”, energetically and forcefully pushing the Evening Standard straight into my face. A couple of times they even managed to hit me.  I really don’t need the bloody paper!  I have no interest in reading whatsoever is written in it. Ok, there are people who do, but they will get their hands on it anyway. No need to perform “mortal kombat” fatalities on me.

  1. Ear-splitting music in the headphones

It is no secret that music tastes differ from person to person. Why would anybody consider that his occasional neighbours, sitting next to him in the tube, would appreciate the sound of whatever is playing now in his pod, especially when it is loud enough to raise the dead? Sometimes I have a bad craving to hit this person in the head…

That’s it for today, fellows. Let’s keep it short and simple not to bore you too much. (;

If you are also annoyed by the same things press [Like]. Releived for today, I can become your patient ears. Feel free to update the list with suggestions on what are the most annoying behaviours in the tube or any other public transport.

To be continued…


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7 Responses to “Most Annoying Behaviours in the Underground – PART I”
  1. Angelo Nolf Dal Pra says:

    I am ussualy very polite with people asking for donations, let’s face they are there working hard to help other people. Whoever last time, after minutes of patience I uped my rudeness level and said : I don’t want to waste my time and I am don’t to waste yours. Person walks away and I am probably going to hell for this.

  2. Well, I guess that you hate me because sometimes i make my music so loud, that people really can’t miss it. And i’m using headphones, not a speaker.. Maybe you will hate me now, but there’s a reason I do it:
    In my country, people really like talking very loudly on their cellphones. I mean- they don’t talk, they literally shout into their iPhones, hoping that they will be heard on the other end of the line.
    I guess they just don’t realize that the whole bus can hear them. [or train, or whatever.]
    And what’s even worse, is when 2 friends [as an example] sit one in front another, and talk and laugh with each other so loud, like if they were in a very loud cafe or so.
    There are 2 ways for me to deal with it:
    1) Throw them out of the goddamn window
    2) Listen to music on my phone on full volume..
    God i just hate those people!

  3. vilks12 says:

    🙂 You didn’t mention : smell…., legs stretched out through the passage…. and many meany other things…

  4. Touche! I will come to it in my next posts. (;

  5. stron says:

    Thanks for your handy post.

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