Smells That Evoke Feelings


Оn the threshold of Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, I have decided to raise this amusing topic, and collect your opinions on what are the most eloquent smells in the world. I am not talking about unpleasant smells, that are already obvious enough and don’t deserve my precious attention, but of exquisite scents, that are stirring your imagination and creating vivid images in your mind.

If you ask me, or any other offspring of the former Soviet Union, the answer will be obvious.

Tangerines smell like the New Year’s Eve (or the other way round)


Why? Here I should give you some glimpse into the history. During the Soviet Era there was a high products deficiency. One could rarely get hold of any of the goods that are so easily accessible in today’s supermarkets. In fact, people were usually standing in massive queues for hours in hope to buy sausages or cheese, and eventually they were leaving with a piece of whatever was left in the shop. *

Soviet Russian Shop in Winter
*Apologises for a slight digression, but this sequence of events left a huge impact on our mentality, and despite all the changes in the history, a sales assistant still considers himself the all-mighty God. (here I should add “mua-ha-ha” to be more convincing)

TangerinsThus, such precious products as fruit and sweets could be enjoyed only during the most divine time of the year – the New Year’s Eve. Tangerines, or, better say, mandarins, the same way we call it in Russian, were one of the most popular fruits on the table, and, needless to mention, they possess the most distinctive and evocative fragrance. Therefore, every person that passed this era and has a healthy sense of smell, consciously or unconsciously, associates mandarins wih the upcoming of the NY.

Soviet Russian Greeting CardIt is getting ridiculous, because whenever somebody starts peeling a mandarin (even if it happens in the Canary Islands in the middle of July), I feel as if the winter is coming. My mind is producing pictures of huge piles of snow covering the ground, winter frost and silver glitters that you put on the Christmas tree…

Does it have the same effect on you?

Can you mention any other smell that produces interesting reflections in your brain? Would be really fun to know!  Please, don’t be shy and leave your feedback in the comments below.

tangerins smile

7 Responses to “Smells That Evoke Feelings”
  1. vilks12 says:

    Agree with each of your word ! :))))

  2. Лена says:

    Cloves and/or peppermint = grandmother’s tea. The one she used to make for me, and sometimes for you and me:)) The Proper Tea:)
    P.S запах марихуаны = Саша Б и ко.)))) До сих пор помню, как я дала ему почитать книгу “Пятница 13-ое”, а назад она вернулась с ярко выраженным запахом вышеупомянутой….

  3. Oh yes, the proper tea! Smell of peppermint tea, by the way, always reminds me of days of heavy rains in Summer.. But that’s really a personal one!

  4. coffee = friends and family. The sincere smell of coffee can’t help but evoke a sense of familiarity and closeness, almost as if I am in Brazil with old friends!!

  5. Excellent publish from specialist also it will probably be a fantastic know how to me and thanks very much for posting this useful data with us all.

  6. I feel a strong craving for some well-roasted Brazilian coffee now.. Why would I? 🙂

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