When a stranger asks “Where are you from?”

When a stranger asks “Where are you from?” the question makes me tense and uncomfortable. I am not ashamed of my origin. I love my home country – Latvia – with its untamed wild nature, fragrant pine forests, full of pure unpolluted oxygen, and beautiful little lakes that provide a perfect place to chill on … Continue reading

Her Country Was a Poor Relation

When meeting new people my boyfriend and I are often asked where we’re from, and it always follows the same scenario. It goes like that: Stranger: Where are you from guys? Me: I’m from Latvia. Stranger: Ah, okay… *looking bored My bf: I’m from Spain. Stranger: Oh, really? *looking interested, the tone of voice changes from boringly polite to overly … Continue reading

Hello My Name is No: A Bitchslap to the Modern Society

mackevich mickey mouse

Among all the European cities, paying the credit to the contemporary art, Barcelona is one of the greatest. Someday, wandering around, and searching for such big names as Gaudi and Dali, you will suddenly stumble upon a real jewel of art. You will open your mouth in admiration, and utter, “This is it!” For me, … Continue reading

Out of the Tourist Track: London Taj Mahal

Hindu Temple London

If you’ve already managed to see all the major sights in London, but you’re still eager to explore the best of it, why not to try something extraordinary? One of my favourite places of interests is an Hindu temple – Mandir, standing right in the heart of Neasden, North West London. Is a real castle, … Continue reading

8 Most Gorgeous Sunsets

I have to confess I admire the dawns. Whatever rubbish I hear about sunsets bearing some kind of negative energy, it does not bother me much. So, whenever I see it, I reach for my pocket camera and try to capture the indescribable beauty of the descending sun. But, you have to see it with … Continue reading

Staying in Eastbourne: Incredible Poshness of the “Grand Hotels”

море и песок

In the middle of Summer some of us might start thinking about alternative routes to the seaside. Brighton, the closest sea resort to London, is already becoming a sore in the eye. How about going a few miles further and finding yourself in less crowded but still incredibly pleasant Eastbourne in East Sussex? The road … Continue reading

Verona: Marketing from Shakespeare

When Shakespeare wrote his famous play, he could hardly predict that the tragedy of two unhappy lovers would turn into a brilliant marketing campaign and eternal source of income for this small but very beautiful city. Would he be ashamed to see what is happening in a modern Verona? Truly, this town has a lot … Continue reading

The Country of Leaning Towers

Pisa, the city in Tuscany, Central Italy, became one of the most popular touristic destinations thanks to its famous leaning tower. In your childish delusion you would probably think that this is the only construction in the world with such a unique architecture. However, the truth is that building leaning towers, churches and houses in Italy seems to be … Continue reading

Ryanair: A Big Fight over a Small Bag

вид из окна самолета

Ryanair. It’s hard to know what to say sometimes, but I think I speak for most when I say Ryanair is a big corporate twat. The low fares are the only thing attracting customers, which would be a good enough reason to fly with them, except that… the fares aren’t that cheap. “Low” not “Cheap” Once the … Continue reading

The Islands of Colours – Murano and Burano

Бурано, Венеция

My trip to Italy was not limited to a single romantic route in Venice. Similarly to many other slash adventurers, I’ve decided to explore more of what this wonderful land has to offer, and of course, islands Murano and Burano where a must in my list. Both islands are quite similar. They are small, extremely … Continue reading

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