5 Easy Tips to Healthy Diet


The common misconception is that being on diet is unpleasant and involves a lot of difficulties.  In our minds the word “diet” will always be connected with losing weight. However, it is totally wrong. A diet is just a normal process of keeping track of your daily food consumption and introducing more healthier options into your ration. … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. Technique.

Tango in London

“Technique is in your fingers, there’s magic in your touch..” (Rainey “Technique“) Apart from being unordinary, I also happen to be quite stubborn. After trying a few beginners’ classes and not getting further than simple walking-talking, I undertook another attempt to learn tango. I decided that it’s better to pay double and stay for a … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. The Beginners.

Bianca Tango

It appeared that my impressions from this place are so strong that one post is absolutely not enough to lay out all my indignation. I started with the “brief” prelude in my previous entry and will continue the narration below. Of course I was rather annoyed by the necessity to wait till September. But, I … Continue reading

Tango Impossible – Rojo y Negro Club. Introduction.

I am very passionate about dancing. All in all, I’ve been dancing 9 years, 2 of which I’ve been working as a dance teacher myself. Most of the time I was doing Contemporary with a mixture of hip-hop and other modern styles, but quite recently I’ve also subscribed for salsa lessons, here in London. The … Continue reading

Ayurvedic Experience at Dr. Wakde’s Clinic

After trying traditional, deep tissue and aroma massages, I finally decided to go for something slightly different.  Just to add some new experience to my “small electronic notebook”. For some reason, not clearly stated even to myself, I always had a particular liking in ayrvedic medicine, probably, because of its famous non-surgical approach. I am … Continue reading

Quest for a Massage, Chapter III: B Beauty Clinic

That was my fourth attempt to get a good understanding of what a proper massage is like, two of which – Massage at Kalma Spa and The Happiness Centre were thoroughly described in the previous entries.  I must admit, the process of the research is quite enjoyable and it is getting very addictive with every … Continue reading

Add to Your Armoury Tips for The Armoury

Keeping fit – is a task that every contemporary woman is concerned with. Some people are just born slim and lucky. But, the majority has to follow “special rituals”, strongly recommended by doctors and cruelly dictated by the media. Fortunately enough, I’ve always enjoyed doing sports, so I rather willingly commit myself to various kinds … Continue reading

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