Let’s Talk About Art…

Dear art fans, I hope you have not yet fallen into hibernation, and are ready to assess my humble collection of art events. Realists, I am calling to you! Check out the most shockingly genuine exhibition of the year: 1. The Reverse Side of the Industrial World in Art Those, who prefer something more extravagant, … Continue reading

Out of Focus and Other Metamorphosis at Saatchi Gallery

Corona by Mat Collishaw

When it comes to art, London offers unlimited possibilities. However, there is an ageless question. What to call art? Apparently, every person has his/her own definition of this term. For some people it is a classical painting of the 18th century, for others… any high-priced object put behind the glass. I know, that google is … Continue reading

Window Shopper in Italy – 7 Best Window Decorations in Venice

Louis Vuitton Calle Larga de l'Ascension, 30124 Venezia, Italy

Italy is the motherlands of the most famous couturiers in the world. No wonder the quality of the shops and arrangement of shop windows should be much more impressive than anywhere else. “Spring obsessions are not limited to one particular city“, I thought  and headed straight to the romantic paradise of Europe – Venice. Among the narrow paved streets … Continue reading

Window Shopper – Spring Obsessions in the City

The calendar Winter is finally over, and together with the weather, that gradually starts to recover from freezing cold, people are changing their outfits. Throw away your winter coat and uggs! You will not need it till the next season, unless you are going to the North Pole, of course.  It’s time to put on … Continue reading

Window Shopper in Glasgow – TOP 9

House of Fraiser Glasgow Christmas Shop Window

Window shopper continues her fascinating journey through the crowdy streets and Christmas lights, and decides to take a closer look at what other cities have to offer. Behold the unforgettable and totally irresistable TOP 9 of Glasgow Shopping Windows November 2011.  Ready? Let’s start.. 9. GAP: Minimalism is a good start. Clear, logical, and.. pink! … Continue reading

Window Shopper – 10 Best Decorations in November

Zara November Shop Window

Being a woman it is difficult not to be a shopaholic and leave without attention such a remarkable phenomenon as shop windows. We see it every day, and (no need to keep it secret!)  eat it with our eyes, and imagine ourselves possessing all these magical goods.. Beautifully made shop windows give me real aesthetic … Continue reading

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