Quest for a Massage, Chapter III: B Beauty Clinic

That was my fourth attempt to get a good understanding of what a proper massage is like, two of which – Massage at Kalma Spa and The Happiness Centre were thoroughly described in the previous entries.  I must admit, the process of the research is quite enjoyable and it is getting very addictive with every new experience gained.  Hopefully, at some point I will become an expert in the massages, and eventually will share a proper guidance with my kind readers.

This time I went to a B Beauty Clinic, situated in Edgware. To be honest, that was a hell of a journey. Getting there from the city centre takes you a quite a lot.  So, if you don’t live somewhere close, be prepared to spend some time on travelling. The clinic is located in no less than 15 minutes walking distance from the station, therefore, better put on some comfortable shoes, not high hills.  (:

I followed the navigator, but the place was very easy to notice. It was located on the main road, and had quite a big signboard.

B Beauty Clinic

A pleasant lady greeted me at the entrance, and I had to wait a couple of minutes while she was finishing the nails of another customer. I didn’t notice any other staff there, and since she was also the one who was doing my massage, I assumed that it was her own small business.

The interior was decorated in salad green and bright patterns, and had its specific charm. I liked the fluffy rugs, and the items of furniture, selected with good taste.

B Beauty Clinic

B Beauty Clinic

However, the place was quite small and messy, and rather reminded me of a flat, turned into a beauty salon.  If it wasn’t for the transparent walls at the reception, that’s what I would have thought. Besides, to my meticulously shaped mind, it required some good cleaning. At least, I got the impression that the possible owner of the salon was too busy with all the customers to devote time for making things look tidy. It wasn’t horribly dirty, but the shelves and the floor were rather dusty, and the toilet room was full with used towels, hanging in all the possible places. Plus, there were no hand tissues, so I had to wipe hands off my jeans..

B Beauty Clinic

B Beauty Clinic

In spite of all the multitasking that a woman was doing, she was good at everything, and I felt very comfortable with her. She was friendly, she was attentive and spoke good English – what else do you need? Oh yes, the massage itself. I am coming to it..

B Beauty Clinic

Unlike many other “massage therapists”, who usually prefer not to talk to you during the procedure, she was quite talkative. We chatted for a while, and she also told me some things about the current condition of my back, and gave me a couple of tips how to relieve the tension, which I found very useful. For the first time in my massaging experience I felt a strong pain, when she was pressing her fingers against my skin. Either it was a different type of massage (that actually wasn’t specified in the deal that I bought), either she was putting more force than other therapists, or just knew some specific spots to press. Anyway, she warned me that it’s going to be painful at some places. I was also encouraged that if I was able to bear the pain and not jump from my place straight away, it signified that everything was not so bad with me after all..

All in all, despite all the things I did not particularly enjoy, the general impression was very positive. I always evaluate a place judging from my feelings when I leave it, which is reflected by all the factors combined together. In this case, the pluses definitely overweight the minuses, and I can tell that I would certainly return to this place once again.

Thus, here is the brief summary.

+ nice interior

+ great attitude towards the clients

+ good quality of the massage

+ back analysis and brief guidance provided

+ relatively cheap price

– far location

– small and messy environment


Have you been there?

Have you experienced the same?

Do share! (:


One Response to “Quest for a Massage, Chapter III: B Beauty Clinic”
  1. Rita says:

    I make regular visits to B-Beauty Clinic because the treatments are great and prices very reasonable. I have re-occurring migraines, and neck and back massages I get there help me ease the pain and extend the periods between migraine attacks. The beautician is very knowledgeable in her field and always provides good advice. Also it’s worth pointing out that the salon has had a recent refurbishment and the treatment room has been made much bigger and new colour scheme is relaxing but stylish. Well worth a visit if you haven’t been yet 

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