The Happiness Centre: Happily Ever after

After a not so very positive experience at Kalma Spa I thought I would very unlikely to go for another massage in the near future. Nevertheless, the very same Groupon web-site offered me a new deal, which was too tempting to miss it. This time it was 90 Minute Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massage Treatment for £29 at The Happiness Centre (£100 Value).

Heading specified the time of the procedure black and white, so there could be no doubt about that. I was curious and still wanted a massage.

The Happiness Centre accepted bookings in written form only, so after I had received a Groupon voucher, I send them a letter. However, as the days passed by no response was given. I know that due to a high amount of letters they should receive, it might take a while to answer to all the customers. However, unfortunately, I also learned that for some companies it becomes a very annoying habit not to reply at all. After two weeks of a patient waiting I decided to contact them again, this time being a little more persistent. “Please note that if I do not hear from you within the next days I will have to undertake further actions,” I wrote. There were hardly more actions that I could undertake, but that sounded strongly enough.

Surprisingly, I got a reply very quickly.

Very unusual you have not yet had a response as we have been processing bookings in the order that they came in by email … Apologies for the delay on this … however we will get you booked in asap!! We are fully booked up until second week in July so please suggest some times and dates from there onwards (…)

That was send on the 28th of June..

Finally, I got booked for the 19th of July, which was more than a month after I’d sent my first request for a booking. Apparently, that’s what nowadays called “asap”.

Finding a place was quite a tricky task. I even used the navigator on my iPhone to guide me, but was wondering to and fro until I called the lady at the reception that gave me some directions. In the end, it appeared that it was located right next to the Shepherd’s Bush Market station. The reason why I didn’t notice it immediately was because the door was too small and narrow, and was hardly visible between colourful fast food signs.

The interior was not as impressive as at Kalma Spa. It had a really narrow corridor with a ladder going up. There was a blue carpet on the floor, not very fashionable, but still clean enough, which was encouraging.

A lady that was doing the massage was very amiable. She spoke English quite well, and it was very nice to speak to her in general. Some people, who work in Customer Service, frequently make you shrug from their false smiles and sometimes just make you feel a can on the assembly line. She was not of that sort.

Massage itself was very good. I felt a rather professional approach during the whole procedure, which really lasted the promised time. When I left the cabinet, I felt light as a feather, relaxed and unusually happy.

A lady at the reception asked me if I enjoyed the massage.

“I did very much! Thank you!” I said.

“Then, perhaps, you could write some positive review for us, will you?” she asked hesitantly.

“Oh yes, I will!” I replied with a broad smile on my face.

My Rating:

Service: 3

Interior: 3

Massage: 5+

Expectations: 5

Effect: 5

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