Massage at Kalma Spa

One of the things that I started appreciating recently is the effect of a good massage. People say it helps.. to relieve the tension of muscles and take off the stress.

I did not have much experience in being massaged properly, but I was curious and very willing to get rid of the stress that was filling my life till the very bottom.

Groupon web-site keeps spamming me every day with different offers, which is definitely worth a separate entry in this blog, but I will go back to it later. One of the last ones was “Full Body Moisturising Exfoliation Scrub and Massage at Kalma Spa”. Groupon value: 60£. Actual value: 25£. So I thought, “Why not?”.

Lady on the phone was very polite and friendly, which is a rare thing to come across these days. Even with all these rules on customers treatement that are imposed on regular workers, you usually feel that they are making you a big favour by providing their services, or by booking you a visit.. Unbeievable! However, very luckily, the wasn’t the case.

Due to my unstable schedule it took some effort to find the proper time for the “treatment”, as they were putting it. A girl I was speaking to convinced me that the procedure takes no less than an hour and a half, so I had to arrange it quite early and struggle to make it after work..

Honestly, when I saw the place and the interior, I was impressed. Despite the relatively small size, it was really tidy and well refurbished in terms of style and the atmosphere. It had aroma candles and exotic flowers standing in the corners, and a nice relaxing music was playing in the room where I was invited to. Again, after seeing so many places with dirty floors and dusty shelves I found it very and very pleasant and comforting for the soul.

An Asian girl who was doing my “treatement” hardly spoke English, but that was of course not the thing that worried me much. When she was massaging my back I thought it was worth all the money I paid and even more. It was so damn pleasant, I felt embarrassed for my own satisfaction. I just wanted it to continue forever..

But, unfortunately, it was not continuing forever. Far from that, actually.. It ended so abruptly that I was a bit surprised. I was not sure if it was supposed to be that way or if she simlly was too lazy to finish it properly. Anyway, I thanked the girl, and went out of the salon. I looked at the clock – it took less than half an hour..

Magical exfoliation scrub did not have much effect on my skin either. Basically, I did not notice any effect at all. Thus, despite all the pleasantries that I’ve encountered, I am very unlikely to return to this place again..

Thus, my evaluation by the 5 grade scale is the following:

Interior: 5

Service: 3

Effect: 0

Expectations: 2

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