Indesit Smells

I have a long record of unsuccessful purchases of washing machines. Sometimes I start thinking that it is almost impossible to buy a good washing machine in the UK. I’ve already gathered enough material to write a novel, but, I guess today I will just limit myself to one particular story.

After several unfortunate attempts to buy a working washing machine, I have come to a logical decision to spend my money for a well-recognisable brand.  I was hesitating among Beko and Indesit, reading the reviews and comparing characteristics, and finally decided for the benefit of the last. Indesit  always seemed to have strong reputation, and there was no reason for me to doubt it… until I received the purchase.

Brand new washing machine came to my place and was unpacked by a couple of Cockneys, sent by the company. Thanks god, installation didn’t cost me money, because in the end they declared that the tube that comes from my sink is too big, and I have to replace it to fit the tube from the washing machine, for which I had to do some additional effort, obviously without any collaboration from their part. The fact that the tube is a non-standard size of course was not mentioned in the description of the item.

Because they could not install it, they could not test it. So, when I finally was able to make my first wash, I discovered a very distinct and unpleasant smell, coming from the inside of the washing machine. By its nature it very obviously reminded of cats excrements. I immediately emailed Argos, stating my problem and asking for resolution. They got back to me quite promptly, and quite clearly made me understand that this is not their problem, and I should phone Indesit directly. It appears, that Argos, as a retailer does not bear any responsibility for the goods they sell. Lovely!

And, thus, I called Indesit, dialling a bloody [800] number, which in the end cost me around 8 pounds. The outcome of my call wasn’t very encouraging. A lady that picked up the phone said that the smell is not a technical fault, and therefore no replacement or refund is to be seen in the near future. She also offered me to buy some detergents to remove it. I was in my usual troublesome and persistent manner, and she said that she can send an engineer to take a look at the machine, which would cost me 50 pounds… I refused, and hung up extremely annoyed and miserable.

After a couple of threatening letters to Argos about the fact that they should take responsibility for what they sell, I got a call back from Indesit. This time they were calling me directly, and I didn’t have to spend more money for the call with these swindlers. They promised to send an engineer and assured me that if they discover the smell, no costs will be involved.

So, the engineer came, and tested the washing machine. He confessed that the smell is present and explained it very easily. Here is a brief extract from our dialogue.

Me: Do you feel the smell?

He: Yes, but the washing machine is working fine. So, my only guess is that it smells because it is… new. It is just the rubber. Wait for a month and the smell will go away.

Me: It has already been more than a month since I called you about the smell, and it is still there.

He: Well, wait a little longer. It is normal. Every new washing machine smells like this.

Me: My previous washing machine didn’t smell when it was new.

He: Well, may be it had a more advanced characteristics, and was more expensive.

Me: It cost 60 pounds less, and the brand Bush is quite mediocre.

He: I don’t know why your previous washing machine doesn’t smell. We can replace this item for another one, but it will smell too.

Me: So, you want to say, that all the Indesit washing machines have the same problem.

He: Yes, it could be, but it goes away in a couple of months. Just wait some more time, buy some good detergents, and it will go away.

Me: What if it doesn’t?

He: Then call us again…

The good thing is that I didn’t have to pay 50 pounds for this useless visit.

So, now I have a “wonderful” Indesit washing machine, that continues smelling as if 5 cats simultaneously pissed in it, and I have to buy this rubbish explanation.

I sincerely warn you against this, and don’t recommend anyone to repeat my mistakes. If anybody knows how to solve this problem, I am ready to hear your kind advise.


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13 Responses to “Indesit Smells”
  1. Ranori says:

    Моя не воняла… У нас были Индезит. Мы тоже через огонь, воду и медные трубы прошли, покупая стиралку, точно таких же два придурка приехали ее устанавливать, и сказали, у нас какие то проблемы с краном, и они не могут ее подсоединить, и следовательно, проверить. Мы в Каррисе заказывали. Они сказали, что похоже что она неисправна, и мне нужно звонить, я не помню индезит у нас была или беко, по-моему беко, точнее она есть и сейчас, но мне лень спуститься на кухню и посмотреть, какая именно) Пришел Роберт и за 5 минут все сделал, с машиной все превосходно, они просто кран не открутили какой-то 0_0 Придурки… И мы еще заплатили дополнительно 30 фунтов за инсталляцию, которую сделали сами!!!

  2. Justin says:

    We too have just bought an Idesit Dryer combo and have this exact same problem! The problem is that the clothes come out smelling as well! Did your machine come right?

    • Hi Justin,

      Thank you for your comment.

      My machine had an unpleasant smell from the very beginning, and I am confident that this is a generic problem with Indesit. My trust in this brand is definitely undermined. Do not believe the technical support that will try to make you think it is the same with all the brands. No! I came across many different washing machines, and this was the that smelled.



  3. chloe says:

    I am also having the same problem when using the dryer on this machine! It is an absoloute pile of rubbish and a complete waste of money. Not only that, but all our white and light clothes have been ruined due to what i can only explain as ‘orange rust looking spots’, all over the clothes! May i add this happened after our washer/dryer been only a month old. The smell from using the dryer has been from the very first time i used it. It smells like burning rubber and my clothes stink!
    I am so angry at the Indesit customer services as they told me it would cost a possible £50 or £120 if they sent someone out to look at it.
    Not happy at all!

  4. Justin says:

    Update – our machine came right after a couple months use. Smell at the start was an odd rubbery / chemically sort of smell. Is good now and pretty happy with machine apart from that smell at the start.

    • fdewcrmqximrh says:

      How long did it take to clear and how often did you use appliance. I’ve just had my Hotpoint Washer Dryer installed and the smell can be noticed from upstairs in my house and strongly in kitchen and lounge as it permeates the air… Can’t have Windows open too long as it’s freezing.

  5. Aral Balkan says:

    We just got an Indesit installed and I has exactly this problem. I’m shocked that they can sell a machine that is supposed to clean clothes that does the opposite. (I’m writing this after a trip to the local laundromat as the clothes from the Indesit were unwerbly stinky.)

  6. Mark says:

    I have had the same thing from my washing machine, the washing smells awful on anything other than the quick 20 minute washes, the smell goes away upon airing outside but not indoors. I have had two previous Indesit washing machines with no problems, not happy with this one and they have lost a customer as I cannot be bothered to chase them for any compensation or repair.

  7. jonathan says:

    Indesit IWDE7145K

    I bought the above machine this week – Indesit washer dryer.

    I have exactly the same problem of a strange – unpleasant – smell. Difficult to describe.

    Before buying I did quite a bit of online research and this one had almost universally excellent reviews……….. so I went ahead.—opblack/749236144.prd

    I can only hope I have the experience of one of the reviewers above who said the smell goes away after a month of use. Maybe putting it through loads of empty washes at high temps may have an effect ??

    Btw, as a matter of LAW you DO have recourse against the shop you bought it from – but they are v often v v slow to acknowledge this and will often try to fob you in the direction of the manufacturer. It could be worth your while joining Which consumers assoc and seeing if they can pursue the matter for you – or advise. Which magazine / website is very useful.

    You would be within rights to send a letter – preferably recorded delivery – addressed to the manager of the shop or the legal department of head office of the chain stating you are entitled to a complete refund on the grounds the appliance is not of serviceable quality and threatening legal action if no satisfaction etc..

    Problem is, they may brazen it out and wait till you do actually lodge a claim in the county court and that now costs serious money.

    But it is a course available to you if the machine does not soon lose the smell and it’s what I have in mind to do after a month if no improvement.

    Because the ONLY supplier I know who doesn’t play these games is JohnLewis : I did first try to get the machine ( because well reviewed online ) from them – but they don’t supply it.

    It’s a total pain.

    Ironically, my previous machine was an Indesit – bought 1993 so it lasted 20 yrs ( with only one costly repair ten years ago the ‘timer’ i think ) before it started making nasty noises which the engineer who came said meant the bearings had gone and they could foul up catastrophically without further warning.

    So I bought the new one – now wish I hadn’t bothered. I should have just soldiered on with the old one till it blew up.

    FYI – the engineer told me that 20 yrs ago Indesit did indeed make ( in Italy ) well built, reliable, machines, but no longer.

    He said the only machines he could recommend now were AEG and Bosch. In fact I would have been prepared to pay the extra for one of these but could not find any model from those manufacturers which would fit in the space ( they are all mega deep now ).

    • Kirstie says:

      Both my mum and I have Indesits. They are similar models although my mums is more advanced. She has had hers 3 years and I’ve had mine 2 years. Both have this awful smell and not long after purchasing! It’s like very bad cats pee with poo! I also have a horrible black patch on the rubber seal! Gross! We’ve tried boil washes and cleaners but they don’t work. I have to wash my clothes twice sometimes and add extra softener! Defiantly an Indesit problem!

      • david mulholland says:

        i also have the same problem with my Beko WMB71231B i would not reccomend anyone purchasing a Beko

  8. Michael says:

    Same smell problem with Indesit Innex XWSB61251.

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