In the Mood for Chocolate

Chocolate Festival at South Bank, London (08-10.12.2012) There is a growing tendency to organise different kinds of selling activities, such as fairs and open-air markets and call it a festival. Perhaps, because it sounds better, is associated with fun, and doesn’t directly refer to spending money. Particularly, when the advertising boldly claims “Free admission”. In reality, beyond … Continue reading

Delivery From Hell: Shipping – Screw 3

Does shopping online make your life more comfortable? That is a strange question, you might think. Why wouldn’t it? Its benefits are beyond doubts. Any important purchase, or grocery shopping can be performed with a single move of the finger, sitting in your pyjamas away from crowded shopping malls. However, very often something that was supposed to make our life … Continue reading

5 Ways How to Save Money on Christmas

The most important celebration of the year is coming, and each of us is asking himself a question: How to avoid excessive spendings? When it comes to buying presents, it suddenly appears that we have so many friends and family members, that we are close to going bankrupt. What about all these Secret Santa events … Continue reading

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