5 Ways How to Save Money on Christmas

The most important celebration of the year is coming, and each of us is asking himself a question: How to avoid excessive spendings? When it comes to buying presents, it suddenly appears that we have so many friends and family members, that we are close to going bankrupt. What about all these Secret Santa events … Continue reading

[Fresh Digital Review] Google World Wonders, E3 and more

UC Digital

The second episode of Fresh Digital Review with Lev is up in running to keep you updated on the latest news from the world of Technology. This issue covers: Google World Wonders project Some news and announcements from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2012  Instagram update Asus new Transformers Rumors about the new iOS 6 Links: Google World … Continue reading

Indesit Smells

I have a long record of unsuccessful purchases of washing machines. Sometimes I start thinking that it is almost impossible to buy a good washing machine in the UK. I’ve already gathered enough material to write a novel, but, I guess today I will just limit myself to one particular story. After several unfortunate attempts to buy … Continue reading

Congratulations! You Have Been Fooled! :-)

Android developer decides to take a creative approach to rewarding his consumers If you are using Messaging Metro it would be difficult not to notice that the April Fools’ Day has knocked on your door. In fact, it literally smashed it with an astonishing announcement. Don’t panic! Nobody has seen your texts and you are … Continue reading

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