Best of Venice: Your Personal Travel Guide

Going to paradise is easy. Take a 2h flight from London, and the land of juicy gelatos and creamy tiramisu is welcoming you ashore. Trip to Venice was one of my childhood dreams, and I am happy I could finally make it true. I am sure many people would understand me. Throughout the centuries this … Continue reading

When the Relationship Starts and TLC is Over

Familiar Feeling Why do some men constantly need to be told what to do, starting from the small things, such as “buy me roses”, to the more important ones, e.g. “do not forget my birthday”, etc. Is this just me who thinks it is natural for men to do so? Isn’t that supposed to be … Continue reading

Don’t Cut My.. Tra-la-la!!!

“A man is walking by the street in Odessa, looking for a place to repair his watch. Suddenly he sees a shop with a big image of watch on a signboard. He enters the shop and asks the sales assistant, -“Hi! Do you do watch repairs?” -“No, we do circumcision.” -“Why have you got watch … Continue reading

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