The Reverse Side of the Industrial World in Art

Shocking material from the Photographers’ Gallery displaying the reverse side of the medal in vehicles industry. When you go to the gallery, it is always nice to see beautiful roses and sunsets. But, this time be prepared to something completely different. Recently opened Photographers’ Gallery has undertaken a powerful start with a number of significant … Continue reading

Out of the Tourist Track: London Taj Mahal

Hindu Temple London

If you’ve already managed to see all the major sights in London, but you’re still eager to explore the best of it, why not to try something extraordinary? One of my favourite places of interests is an Hindu temple – Mandir, standing right in the heart of Neasden, North West London. Is a real castle, … Continue reading

Window Shopper – Spring Obsessions in the City

The calendar Winter is finally over, and together with the weather, that gradually starts to recover from freezing cold, people are changing their outfits. Throw away your winter coat and uggs! You will not need it till the next season, unless you are going to the North Pole, of course.  It’s time to put on … Continue reading

Exploring London: Camden Town

Camden Dragon

Personal Experience In the twenty years of my life I have never come across any place more pleasant than the in tense and infamous Camden Town. There are many kinds of attractions in London. For example, you can take an amble through the winding streets of West Hampstead, or, if you’re feeling fit, take a … Continue reading

Window Shopper in Glasgow – TOP 9

House of Fraiser Glasgow Christmas Shop Window

Window shopper continues her fascinating journey through the crowdy streets and Christmas lights, and decides to take a closer look at what other cities have to offer. Behold the unforgettable and totally irresistable TOP 9 of Glasgow Shopping Windows November 2011.  Ready? Let’s start.. 9. GAP: Minimalism is a good start. Clear, logical, and.. pink! … Continue reading

Don’t Cut My.. Tra-la-la!!!

“A man is walking by the street in Odessa, looking for a place to repair his watch. Suddenly he sees a shop with a big image of watch on a signboard. He enters the shop and asks the sales assistant, -“Hi! Do you do watch repairs?” -“No, we do circumcision.” -“Why have you got watch … Continue reading

Window Shopper – 10 Best Decorations in November

Zara November Shop Window

Being a woman it is difficult not to be a shopaholic and leave without attention such a remarkable phenomenon as shop windows. We see it every day, and (no need to keep it secret!)  eat it with our eyes, and imagine ourselves possessing all these magical goods.. Beautifully made shop windows give me real aesthetic … Continue reading

Ayurvedic Experience at Dr. Wakde’s Clinic

After trying traditional, deep tissue and aroma massages, I finally decided to go for something slightly different.  Just to add some new experience to my “small electronic notebook”. For some reason, not clearly stated even to myself, I always had a particular liking in ayrvedic medicine, probably, because of its famous non-surgical approach. I am … Continue reading

Add to Your Armoury Tips for The Armoury

Keeping fit – is a task that every contemporary woman is concerned with. Some people are just born slim and lucky. But, the majority has to follow “special rituals”, strongly recommended by doctors and cruelly dictated by the media. Fortunately enough, I’ve always enjoyed doing sports, so I rather willingly commit myself to various kinds … Continue reading

The Happiness Centre: Happily Ever after

After a not so very positive experience at Kalma Spa I thought I would very unlikely to go for another massage in the near future. Nevertheless, the very same Groupon web-site offered me a new deal, which was too tempting to miss it. This time it was 90 Minute Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massage Treatment … Continue reading

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