Verona: Marketing from Shakespeare

When Shakespeare wrote his famous play, he could hardly predict that the tragedy of two unhappy lovers would turn into a brilliant marketing campaign and eternal source of income for this small but very beautiful city. Would he be ashamed to see what is happening in a modern Verona? Truly, this town has a lot … Continue reading

The Country of Leaning Towers

Pisa, the city in Tuscany, Central Italy, became one of the most popular touristic destinations thanks to its famous leaning tower. In your childish delusion you would probably think that this is the only construction in the world with such a unique architecture. However, the truth is that building leaning towers, churches and houses in Italy seems to be … Continue reading

Smells That Evoke Feelings


Оn the threshold of Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, I have decided to raise this amusing topic, and collect your opinions on what are the most eloquent smells in the world. I am not talking about unpleasant smells, that are already obvious enough and don’t deserve my precious attention, but of exquisite scents, that … Continue reading

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