In the Mood for Chocolate

Chocolate Festival at South Bank, London (08-10.12.2012) There is a growing tendency to organise different kinds of selling activities, such as fairs and open-air markets and call it a festival. Perhaps, because it sounds better, is associated with fun, and doesn’t directly refer to spending money. Particularly, when the advertising boldly claims “Free admission”. In reality, beyond … Continue reading

The Coolest Bar in London

Below Zero Bar, London, Mayfair

If chilly weather is not enough for you this Spring, and you want something totally cool and exceptional, there is no need to fly all the way to Antarctica. There is one spot in Mayfair in the very heart of London, where the temperature stays below zero all year long. Since the moment of its creation Ice … Continue reading

5 Easy Tips to Healthy Diet


The common misconception is that being on diet is unpleasant and involves a lot of difficulties.  In our minds the word “diet” will always be connected with losing weight. However, it is totally wrong. A diet is just a normal process of keeping track of your daily food consumption and introducing more healthier options into your ration. … Continue reading

The Popcorn Cost Conundrum: Is the price of cinema food too high?

We all understand the frustration at overpriced cinema food, but one man in America has actually decided to do something about it by suing his local AMC Cinema for what he considered to be overpriced movie snacks. It has been reported that Joshua Thompson of Livonia, Michigan became fed up of paying the allegedly high prices at his … Continue reading

Smells That Evoke Feelings


Оn the threshold of Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, I have decided to raise this amusing topic, and collect your opinions on what are the most eloquent smells in the world. I am not talking about unpleasant smells, that are already obvious enough and don’t deserve my precious attention, but of exquisite scents, that … Continue reading

Why should a man pay the bill?

I know that this blog is mostly related to customer’s review. However, since paying the bill is an indispensible part of every visit to the restaurant, I found it sensible to raise this sensitive topic, and express my fair point of view, before anyone asks for it. Another reason for touching this is the inspiration, … Continue reading

Indian Summer in Brighton

How do you normally spend Indian Summer, the last leftover of the warm and sunny days? Forget carpet cleaning, boring TV programmes, and piles of documents – go to Brighton! Being located relatively close to the city, it is perfect in its charm, and ideally suits for those who would like to give rest to … Continue reading

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