In the Mood for Chocolate

Chocolate Festival at South Bank, London (08-10.12.2012)

festivaldefinitionThere is a growing tendency to organise different kinds of selling activities, such as fairs and open-air markets and call it a festival. Perhaps, because it sounds better, is associated with fun, and doesn’t directly refer to spending money. Particularly, when the advertising boldly claims “Free admission”. In reality, beyond the fancy euphemism, the Chocolate Festival, which occurred last weekend at South Bank, was nothing more than an open-air market where people were offered a wide selection of utterly expensive chocolate. So, let’s be fair, and call it a Chocolate Fair. (;


The owners of sweet teeth would be delighted to find themselves among the crowded tents, presenting all kinds of cocoa delights.  There were candies, and bars, cakes, and cupcakes, chocolate greeting cards, names from chocolate, hot chocolate drinks, even chocolate beer… All the possible varieties in hard shape and liquid.

The passages between the tents were totally packed with people, and the crowd was literally carrying you away from the area of your interest. It would be difficult to survive without the ability to work with one’s elbows. God knows how I managed to take so many pictures…

Value for Money

It always amazes me how people are willing to pay so much money at the open markets. The queues to most of the tents were enormous, although, the majority of products could be easily found in the shops in a much warmer and nicer environment. But, we like to feel ourselves the hunters, so we go outside. (; The prices were really high even for the top quality chocolate. I am not even talking about hand-made dark cocoa bars from Madagascar for up to 10 pounds, but a small paper cup of hot chocolate would cost you no less than £2.50. I went for a cup, because it was cold, and my boyfriend paid for it.. But, the rest was hardly worth it.

People were massively excited about a famous Spanish luxury Chocolate con Churros. It was prepared in a huge greasy bowl of boiling fat, and served  in a tiny little cup with few chocolate. Guess how much this delicious dish would cost you? As much as £4.50 per serving. Cheaper to go to Spain…


Apart from the chocolate there was a wide selection of pastry, beer, muled wine, ginger bread, and all the rest of the festive attributes so beloved at Christmas, and forgotten for the rest of the year. All in all, despite my sarcastic remarks it was a pleasant, curious and rather chilly experiment experience. Christmas Fair around the corner was approximately of the same character, except for the lack of chocolate. So, if you haven’t yet been at South Bank in Winter, don’t wait for the next festival, and come down for a walk. It’s always fun. (;



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