A Moment with Myself

“Where are the people?” resumed the little prince at last. “It’s a little lonely in the desert…” “It is lonely when you’re among people, too,” said the snake.

Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Why do we so rarely take time to spend it on the most valuable thing on this planet – yourself? Why there is always something more important: being with your friends, or family, working overtime, studying, doing the housework, updating your Facebook or Twitter..  but rarely just being with oneself, being yourself (which often happen to be synonyms). Not that we pretend, or anything.. But being with someone generally implies acting to satisfy somebody’s wishes or expectations, in the effort to fit in the society, acquiring status, be distinguished for your achievements, get the looks.. Being who you WANT to be. Not being who you really ARE.

Hello My Name is No

“Pure Feeling” by V. Mitskevich from “Hello My Name is No” (When you close your eyes, you feel neither Gucci, nor BMW, you feel love, you feel you are breathing.)

So, why does it really happen? Surely not because we don’t have time, but, rather because we have too much of it. The truth is – we are terribly afraid to stay alone with our thoughts that might be too revealing, sometimes even too frightening. Thoughts and confessions make us suffer, make us change our lives, or do stupid things that we might regret. That’s why we fill our lives with multiple tasks and meetings, and when we finally stay alone, we go online and find somebody to talk to. If there was more than 26 hours in a day, we would fill it in too. But things are not as grim as it seems.

Psychologies claim that spending time alone is a great stress precaution, and a good way to maintain  mental health. [Source] But it is not about simply being alone. It is about enjoying the solitude and trying to make the best of it. How? Doing things that you love. Fulfilling your passion. Going to the places where you feel the peace of mind. I drive a lot of inspiration from writing. Before working as a journalist, and starting my own blog, I have written massive amounts of text for my diary. I have been putting my thoughts on paper since I was ten, and it helped me a lot to survive multiple obstacles, and stressful situations. Besides, I have developed the style, and learned how to drive the creativity from my brain box. All these skills developed naturally, without even aiming to achieve anything.

So why is this post? To make some of you think, and starting loving these little moments of loneliness tête à tête with your own magnificent majesty. Sounds selfish? But one needs to be selfish to survive. If people were not selfish they would extinct long time ago… Prove me wrong! (;

This week I am in a mood for philosophy. More posts to follow. I hope you are with me.


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5 Responses to “A Moment with Myself”
  1. Very interesting take. Good advice. It comes from within, and too many of us seek it without. Seek what? Ah, there is the question.

  2. bodhimoments says:

    You are very right. Being alone can be very scary for most people. I have learnt quite late in life that it is really very rewarding.

  3. Frank, bodhimoments,

    Thank you for such inspirational words. If at least one person find my ideas sensible, it is worth putting it down.


  4. vilks12 says:

    Very good! From where did you got such thoughts ? Are they yours ? I’m thinking about it all the time for at least last ten years and when I tell to someone I suppose they don’t understand me.

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