Delivery From Hell: Shipping – Screw 3

Does shopping online make your life more comfortable? That is a strange question, you might think. Why wouldn’t it? Its benefits are beyond doubts. Any important purchase, or grocery shopping can be performed with a single move of the finger, sitting in your pyjamas away from crowded shopping malls. However, very often something that was supposed to make our life easier is turning it into a nightmare.

How ? Well, there are many ways how you can screw somebody’s life, not talking about general annoyance… In my previous post I have already talked about such problems as the item being out of stock, and inability to deliver the order. Today we will raise another significant issue:

The Shipping 

How long should one wait for his order to be shipped? Some of us quite naively expect it to happen immediately after the purchase. I wish life was that easy, but.. in the real world things are happening differently. Normally after you place your order it takes a couple of days before the retailer realises he needs to send you the parcel. While the approximate delivery terms are normally indicated, nobody cares to mention this small detail.

Small, you think?

In reality it appears to be not that small, if the purchase is a present targeted for an important date. It is not small at all, if you do not receive a confirmation in a week time. It is particularly important now before Christmas holidays, when the whole world will be buying and consuming in massive quantities, which will obviously have its impact on the stock.


Christmas Without Presents?

Let me give you an example. On the 20th of November I have ordered a Xmas present for my friend from I have chosen a standard delivery, which was maximum 20 days. Premium (1-2 days) was above 10 pounds. Quite a strange difference, isn’t it? So, I thought a month should be enough to deliver it.

However, my worst fear was becoming a reality when after a few days the order still has not been shipped. I emailed them to enquire about the approximate day of shipping, and got a reply that they do not know anything, do not bear responsibility for anything, and if I want to make sure I have my present till Xmas, I need to pay more. Nice… I didn’t pay just out of principle. But, I’ve sent another email, and another one. Thanks to my efforts, the item got shipped in 8 days after the purchase. Can you believe it?

Bad Publicity

You would think that these guys would have behaved differently if they had a clue about bad publicity they might get via this blog. Oh no, they knew! I would never write anything like that without warning. The answer is – they simply don’t care.


Why does it happen? Because we allow it to happen. We do not complain, or we complain incorrectly. We do not read reviews that other people are leaving for us free of charge. We continue shopping from the same retailers that screwed our life once, and will continue doing it repeatedly. For his own protection any customer needs to realise that business will not function without him. There are not only bad retailers in the market. There are plenty of examples of companies which run a fair policy. It functions perfectly.  If other companies can perform excellently, why cannot the others? We just need to show them how.

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