Delivery From Hell: You Were Not at Home – Screw 2

Does shopping online make your life more comfortable? That is a strange question, you might think. Why wouldn’t it? Its benefits are beyond doubts. Any important purchase, or grocery shopping can be performed with a single move of the finger, sitting in your pyjamas away from crowded shopping malls. However, very often something that was supposed to make our life easier is turning it into a nightmare. How?

Last time we have discussed the first way how online shopping can significantly annoy you. If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly advice you to take a look. Today we will talk about another problem, called…

Screw №2: You Were Not at Home

fragile-parcelIt always surprises me how some companies expect you to be at home 24 hours 7 days a week just to receive the parcel. Going back to Argos, they didn’t ask me when was it convenient for me to receive my order, or what time can I be at home. They just stated the fact. This item will be delivered at XX day from 7am to 9pm. What the hell of a term is that? I am not a retarded retired old woman. I do have life sometimes! Is it so difficult to allow me to chose the day of delivery? At least give me some options. But no, they expect you to be flexible and adopt your busy life for the sake of their convenience. Wait a minute… Who is paying the money, huh?

Same happens with DPD express parcel delivery. Those guys cannot even state the date. The parcel will be delivered in 3 days, for example. So, shall I be at home for three days from now on? They can’t help but surprise me with the inability to please a client.

Sometimes DPD and Royalmail postmen don’t even knock on the door, but just throw the notice into your mailbox “Sorry, you were not at home.” I can’t remember how many times I was running after a postman, when he did it.

I am at home bloody hell. Why don’t you just ring a bell?

Did I just rhyme?

Well, it wasn’t intentionally…

Anyway, thinking that your customers are immovable from their home chairs is obviously not the most sensible thing to do, and they need to solve this, or at least make it better. The company that finds the optimal solution to this problem will definitely eliminate its competitors.

Hit Like if you agree, and follow my blog till the next post. If you have encountered the same problem with more companies, please use the Comments to warn me and my readers about it.

To be continued…



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2 Responses to “Delivery From Hell: You Were Not at Home – Screw 2”
  1. vilks12 says:

    awful things happens in England !!!!!!!

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