Delivery From Hell: Online Shopping – Screw 1

Does shopping online make your life more comfortable? That is a strange question, you might think. Why wouldn’t it? Its benefits are beyond doubts. Any important purchase, or grocery shopping can be performed with a single move of the finger, sitting in your pyjamas away from crowded shopping malls. However, very often something that was supposed to make our life easier is turning it into a nightmare.

How? Well, there are many ways how you can screw somebody’s life, not talking about general annoyance… Let’s cut a long story short to save our precious eyes from reading long texts. In fact, let’s make as many as three cuts.


You are looking at a beautiful picture of the item you wish to purchase, but, unfortunately it is not in stock. It is already disappointing enough when you see this in the product description, but it is even more annoying when you discover it after the order has been already placed. Sounds familiar? Here is my example.

Argos. This company loves the trick. Quite recently, I have placed an order with them, and got an automatic reply with the delivery date. I took a day off work to be able to receive it. But throughout the whole day nothing happened. There was no email, no call, no other notice that could tell me what went wrong. Just dead silence. Except for one thing – the money have been already charged. So, it wasn’t my imagination after all..

If I didn’t email them myself repeatedly, I would have never found out that in reality the item was out of stock, and they just forgot to tell me about it. Eventually, I have received the purchase, but it happened in a month after the order has been placed.

What can be worse than that? Believe me, there is more hiding inside the sleeve. Hit Like if you have ever felt painful about your online shopping experience, and follow my voice till the next post. If you have encountered the same problem with more companies, please use the Comments to warn me and my readers about it.


To be continued…


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3 Responses to “Delivery From Hell: Online Shopping – Screw 1”
  1. Ranori says:

    Worse than that…What about Tesco sending us a set of furniture that comes in mismatching colours and one piece is missing? And no, they can’t arrange collection and exchange as there is no more stock, and no, we cannot get the refund because we got rid of the packaging already…

  2. I will add them in my black list definitely. 🙂

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