5 Ways How to Save Money on Christmas

The most important celebration of the year is coming, and each of us is asking himself a question: How to avoid excessive spendings? When it comes to buying presents, it suddenly appears that we have so many friends and family members, that we are close to going bankrupt. What about all these Secret Santa events at work, and numerous parties, where you need to have a new gorgeous look every time? Even such small things as Christmas decorations can easily empty your pockets. Here are some small tips on how you can minimise your expenses, and maximise your “profits”.

1. Value for Money

Christmas tree

When it comes to making a good present, the best thing to do is to go for a shop which offers you best quality with the discount. You think it doesn’t exist on earth? How about Groupon, or T.K. Max? Every day you may receive tons of emails from similar retailers, moving it mindlessly into the Trash bin. It’s time to make an effort – open these emails. I know, it won’t be easy, but in the end of the day you might leave with an amazing value for money. If you chose T.K. Max, go for one outside the City. There is less people, and more stock, which means more possibility to find a fantastic present.

Total spendings: 50-85% discounted, depending on the product.

2. Saving Mode

If you are looking to spend minimum money on Christmas decorations, and postcards, the best place to visit is of course Poundland. It might not last the eternity, but a couple of extra garlands will look fantastic, and will cost you as much as £1! Dig deeper, and you might find there such useful items, that you have never dared to imagine. Yes, Poundland could be especially useful in December. (;

Total spendings: £1

winter scenery

3. See the Difference

You already have the idea of what to buy to your beloved ones? Why don’t you check the difference in price that shops around you have to offer? You can do it in seconds with a special application Barcode Scanner for Android, and Barcode Reader for iPhone. Just scan the bar code of any item you wish to purchase, and your phone will do the rest. You will see all the other places which sell the current item, together with the reviews, and ratings. How cool is that? Now you can make sure you do not overpay. Another amazing application My Piggy Bank, allows you to keep track of your spendings. Not a single pence will slip away from your pocket.

Total spendings: the cheapest possible

party outfit

4. Save on New Looks

Did you ever grind your teeth in the terrible necessity to buy an incredibly expensive dress for every upcoming celebration? Wearing your old one is not an option, as you obviously don’t want to look identical on all the pictures. So, you spend hundreds of pounds for an amazing dress, that you will be able to wear a couple of times only.. Sounds familiar? Why not to try renting a dress? You can look amazing for your important night, and spend as much as 20 pounds. Every party can be different.

Total spendings: ~£20

5. Best Things Come For Free

Christmas decorations, and postcards can be exceptionally expensive. Why not to try something new and do it yourself? It can become an entertaining and funny activity with your kids, friends, and/or partner. Are we watching a film tonight? No, we are making snowflake origami. How cool will a handmade postcard look in the eyes of your friends? Much more impressive than a standard one for sure.

Total spendings: £0


Let me put this simple. Christmas has to bring joy to your heart, and going bankrupt is not included in the programme.

Have a wonderful celebration!


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4 Responses to “5 Ways How to Save Money on Christmas”
  1. Chantale says:

    Some extremely sensible info…well done!

  2. vilks12 says:

    about a short, for example, is very actual in Israel…. :))))))

  3. Julio Nordyke says:

    I love this blog! This is the most interesting thing Ive read today.

  4. Dorothy Abad says:

    Credit for the great blog post. I am glad I have taken the time to read this.

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