Raymond Aaron and Caprice at Entrepreneurs 2012

It took me a while to write this post as I had rather mixed feelings about this event. I was expecting, or at least hoping that there will be some sort of educating, and networking programme, where you could meet successful people, and learn from their experience. In a way it was like this. There were many influential, and famous people, speaking about their achievements, but instead of being educational, it was rather philosophical, and inspirational. Besides, I had a disturbing feeling that the speakers are using another opportunity to sell their products, or services from the stage. Some of them were exceptionally good at brainwashing, and after every talk tones of people were buying their stuff… Of course there were massive discounts, and promotions only on this particular day and time…

Raymond aaron

Raymond Aaron and Anna Kravcova at Entrepreneurs 2012

As there was no official schedule of the event (which was actually quite disappointing), during the second day of the Entrepreneurs 2012 I randomly happened to see Raymond Aaron, the famous author and financial coach. Although claiming that he is not the most talented spokesman (but the highest paid one), he has managed to make an incredibly powerful effect on the yet sleeping audience, who came to the speech as early as 9am.

He raised the questions that are bothering most of the humans: low wages, boring jobs, and personal stagnation. Sounds familiar? Well he had an answer to all of these. To achieve higher income, and develop a personal brand Raymond offered an unexpected solution: writing a book. He didn’t imply you should become world famous writer, and earn millions with fiction.  He viewed authorship as the ultimate solution to one’s financial problems solely from professional point of view. Raymond explained how writing a book helped him to get a pay rise, and succeed in his career.

A very sincere and emotional speech was presented by a former model and a current businesswoman Caprice Bourret, who has started her own underwear company. She confessed that there was time when the only thing she was concerned with was pretty men and parties. She had no formal business education, and no training, but when the wind of changes started to blow in her direction, she has managed to stand firmly on her feet, and keep motivated. She also pointed out that her success as an entrepreneur was even more rewarding, taking in account that she is a young, beautiful and “blonde” woman in the business world of men. This remark sounded totally inspirational, and somewhat sweet. “I could marry a rich guy, and do nothing,” she said, “but I have chosen a different path.”

Caprice Bourret

What was really annoying for me is multiple questions from the audience, asking her one and the same thing, “What would you do, if you were not famous? How would you achieve the success.” I found it absolutely pointless, as how can one expect her to answer these questions, if she simply didn’t experience this?

Unfortunately, I was unable to be present there all 4 days long, and missed Clinton’s performance. So, if any of you would like to share your impressions – go ahead, I would be very interested to hear that.


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2 Responses to “Raymond Aaron and Caprice at Entrepreneurs 2012”
  1. vilks12 says:

    May be I also have to start to write some book…. ?! 🙂

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