5 Reasons Why Shopoholism is Good For You

We are living in the world were women addiction with shopping is exceedingly criticised. People never get tired of enlisting the range of disadvantages  But, is shopoholism actually harmful? After carefully analysing it, I came to a shocking conclusion that shopping can make a positive effect on one’s life in at least 5 different ways.

1. You Look Gorgeous!


It is no secret that a woman who takes care of herself attracts the looks. Why should you put on your old snickers, if you can go hunting for a pair of amazing knee-highs? The first and foremost reason women are obsessed with shopping is because we want to look beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, no man ever objects it. We don’t need to stick with a year old wardrobe. Refreshing your look from time to time can be only beneficial.

2. Cure For Depression

As your look is getting better, your chances to have a better mood significantly go up. Raise your hand (or hit like) those who have ever managed to cheer up with shopping. When your day was all wrong, your boss was particularly obscene, your boyfriend was less attentive than usual, and your mum continues bugging you with kids, or marriage, all you can do is go and treat yourself with something nice. Why not? Is it better to lay on the bed, and watch the ceiling?  One more plus for shopoholism!

3. Developing Taste

Every person has a hobby. You are interested in fashion. What’s wrong with that? Observing stylish people, investigating the potential vending points, researching the media. This is not as easy as one thinks. If you have a sense of fashion, and you want to implement it in reality, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Thumbs up again. (;


4. Weight Control

Do you know how many calories you burn after all-day shopping? Walking along the shelves, multiple bending, and stretching to reach the desired item. All these are certain exercises. Not only you are being physically active, but you are also concious of your body. Hit like if you ever promised to yourself to fit into a smaller size. One more expensive dress can cross out a chocolate cake, not only from  psychological point of view, but also from your wallet.


5. Socialising

Shopping provides extensive potential for making new friends, and generating the discussions. It is an amazing way how to spend time with your female friends, especially during the colder seasons. It is preventing personal stagnation, and is making you more self-sufficient and independent.

Five YES for shopping! So, who is going with me? (;

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2 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Shopoholism is Good For You”
  1. Ranori says:

    I do, I do!

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