[Gotye Live] There Is More Than One Song to It

Gotye Hypnotises the Audience at HMV Apollo, London

A couple of days ago I proudly announced to my colleagues that I am going to Gotye concert.

– Wow! That’s cool. But, do they have any other songs apart from that “Somebody… something”?? the common reply was.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that people are rarely familiar with a full playlist of  the non-mainstream bands. So, “Somebody that I used to know”, the famous hit, has been the only song that one could refer to. No doubts, this song is amazing, but so are the other less famous but still very qualitative tracks.


The concert took place at a very decent venue – HMV Apollo, with both sitting and standing tickets As the hall was filling up with people, it became obvious that Gotye repertoire is definitely more famous, than some of us think. The doors opened at 7pm, but the concert started in 2.5 hours, with some horrible bands warming up the stage beforehand. Honestly, this music was insulting to my ear, and I was only waiting for Gotye to make up for it.



And, they did! They played almost all the tracks from Making Mirrors, singing, jumping on the stage, talking, and engaging the public. Big interactive screen behind their backs was displaying surrealistic animations, raising many important philosophical questions, such as:

– boring and repetitive routines, that are holding back our true potential

– hypocrisy

– global consumerism

– stadartisation of personalities, and the loss of personal identities

– false life values

– sexualisation of media, etc.


Animations were particularly remarkable not only because of it peculiar style, and meaningfulness, but also in a way how the images managed to match every beat, reacting to the slightest changes in music.

According to some of the opinions, Gotye have managed to create an amazing experience out of their less popular tracks, while their main hit, Somebody That I Used to Know was performed at a quite mediocre level. “They did not nail it,” some people said. But, did they really need to?

All in all, the concert was very deep and inspirational. It was one of those few occasions when standing in the middle of the crowd for several hours is not exhausting, and you keep tapping your feet to the beat. Just to share my excitement, I present to your attention one of my favourites: “Thanks for Your Time”.

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