Let’s Talk About Art…

Dear art fans,

I hope you have not yet fallen into hibernation, and are ready to assess my humble collection of art events.

Realists, I am calling to you! Check out the most shockingly genuine exhibition of the year:

1. The Reverse Side of the Industrial World in Art


Those, who prefer something more extravagant, would surely appreciate:

2. Out of Focus and Other Metamorphosis at Saatchi Gallery


Fascinating to absurd was the contemporary art exhibition that took place in Glasgow. You won’t find it anywhere else, I promise. (;

3. I am Flying to London to Shit on the Government

Too socking for you? Missing the classics? Traditional approach has been masterfully presented by Halcyon Gallery.

4. Lorenzo Quinn, Marilyn and Dali in Mayfair 

5. Glass Gardens by Chihuly at Halcyon Gallery

And finally, the hit of the season presented by hot and beautiful Barcelona.

6. Hello My Name is No: A Bitchslap to the Modern Society

As you might have already deducted. I absolutely love art. If you share my passion, follow this blog, as I will continue updating you on the most interesting and outstanding experiences in this industry. And, of course, don’t forget to hit like if you founds this useful.

Many thanks!


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One Response to “Let’s Talk About Art…”
  1. vilks12 says:

    Yes, you absolutely love art and now I understand why you don’t have time …….

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