Why I Do NOT Write? What Prevents Writers From Creating Masterpieces?

The passion for writing has been praised multiple times by many different people. Starting with G. Orwell famous essay on “Why I Write“, people involved in this noble, but often ungrateful cause were eager to justify their reasons on what makes them express their souls on paper (and now more often in digital form). I would gladly add my own word to the overall chorus of voices, but I am afraid that after all that had been already said I may hardly be original. All in all, it is more or less clear what motivates us to be creative. But, it is more interesting, and sometimes even more important what triggers our intellectual crisis? So, my blog post today will be exploring the reasons on why authors STOP writing.

What prevents their creative flow?

How can they be challenged?

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1. Money

I am sorry to sound so trivial, but money often becomes reason №1 to stop us from writing. Not everybody has the luck to earn living with his pen, and those who are just starting their path in literature have to work on different projects in various range of industries. This leads us directly to the second reason:

2. Time

Unfortunately, writing is not something that you can do in a short period of time. It is not like going to the gym, or solving a mathematical puzzle. Even if you try to spend on it 1 hour per day, most probably, you will fail. Producing content requires a lot of thinking, developing ideas in your mind, talking with people, visiting places, observing different life situations, and of course, a vague thing called inspiration, that comes and goes whenever it wants. And, of course it is less likely to knock on your door, if all the day you were waiting tables, or counting money.

Untitled3. Breaks

So, let’s say you are managing to overcome the first two obstacles, and sometimes find time to write. The next serious challenge is breaks between writing. The bigger they are, the more difficult it is. Have you ever had the situation when you do not meet your best friend for a long time, and so much happened in your life that you terribly want to share it? But, then you meet him, you feel you have so much to say, but you don’t know where to start. You want to speak your heart out, share your thoughts and worries, but because he wasn’t following your life all this time, you have no props. As a result, your tongue is not moving. That is exactly what happens with writing. Breaks can have a crucial impact on your passion.

4. Criticism

I have already spoken previously on the consequences of having an opinion. A lot of people get scared from the smallest signs of disapproval. Not everybody has extreme confidence in themselves. You need a lot of bravery, and support from your friends and family to believe in your talent and continue shaping it despite all the negative feedback. Unfortunately, most writers have a very sensitive soul, and a high sense of self-criticism, which leads them to extreme dissatisfaction of themselves and depression. Sounds familiar? Think about Kafka, Tolstoy, Updike, and many other authors who destroyed their masterpieces because they were afraid it will not be good enough to please their readers. A very good article on Why Do Writers Abandon Novels? might be found in NY Times.


5. Chemistry

This would require a little scientific explanation. Creative people, like writers, composers, artists, etc., have a high percentage of dopamine (chemical) in their brain. To say that you can develop creativity is not correct. You are naturally born to be a writer. However the same chemical activity can cause severe depression, behavioural disorders, schizophrenia, psychosis, and many other serious psychological twists. [Source 1] [Source 2] Belief that all the genius people are a little insane has certain biological justifications. Therefore, writers and other creative people are more prone to bad moods, impulsive behaviours, etc. When the depression creeps a writer abandons everything. There is no hope to produce any qualitative piece until he goes out of his miseries, and this can take… time.

To sum up, one can endlessly continue analysing possible obstacles that stand on the way of the potential author. People are different, and each of us has his unique reasons. However, the five barriers, enlisted above: time, money, breaks, criticism and chemistry, are more likely to pop up for each of us. Yes, writing is not easy. But, in the end of the day it is you who decides what is stronger – your passion, or the barriers.

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One Response to “Why I Do NOT Write? What Prevents Writers From Creating Masterpieces?”
  1. vilks12 says:

    I hite like, because I like the theme ! And because I always wonder from where do you take the ideas for your posts… ! And one more reason for not to write, when I do want – absence of any idea about what to write or in addition when you do have to write about something, but you do think, that it’s not interesting for any other except of you. 🙂

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