The Curious Tale of Men and High Heels

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The story of men and high hills has always been rather complex. One day they like it, and another day they complain about it. It is well known that a woman on high shoes is generally associated with sexual appeal. She looks taller, and more slender. She looks feminine. She gets all the looks. You would think that men adore high hills, judging by the way the react to sexy models on the TV… However, it’s not that simple.

Push the like button, if you have ever heard, or said any of the following.

men complain about high hills

I am sure, most of you have recognised at least one of the situation described above. If you didn’t, go ahead and explain in the comments why.

So, what do the men really want?

The men do like high hills, but as long as it doesn’t enter their comfort zone. When the harsh reality in the form of pain, and other unpleasant consequences knocks on their door, they start hating it with all their heart. Isn’t it the greatest hypocrisy of all? Don’t we deserve some kind of understaning? (:

How did this contradiction developed?

In my genuine desire to find out the truth, I begged for help the smarter of my friends – Wikipedia. I haven’t found the answers to my questions, but instead discovered a number of curious facts. Here are some of them.

The full article is available right here:

Well, ladies, “to wear or not to wear” high hills is always your choice. Mind that you can make yourself look gorgeous without painful sacrifices. But, if you do decide to put it on, stick to the saying, “What does not kill you, make you stronger.”

What to do if a man gets “naughty” about high hills? Show him this video. Madonna proved men can look sexy on high hills too. (;

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One Response to “The Curious Tale of Men and High Heels”
  1. lovely post… Some fun facts about heels to share with friends…

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